Captain D’s – 1318 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville

 Captain D’s

 1318 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

 +1 904-751-0800

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Captain D’s

4 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 1318 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville

  1. Best service ever! Great employees. They are very sweet and helpful to ensure you have a great experience. I would definitely go there again.

  2. Sheila Cobb says:

    Clean. Friendly. Only ordered the fish sandwich only. It took a while for me to get it. Several other customers came in behind me ..ordered dinners and platters…for some reason they got their food before me. Weird. But I waited patiently. My big fish sandwich was nice and hot….when I got it. I will go again.

  3. Lauren Anderson says:

    I’ve never really had captain all to much so I’ve finally gone twice within 2 days. And both experiences were great. Food was fresh and hot. Wasn’t fast service but that’s because it was fresh. I loved it. And the servers gave me gloss customer service. A+ guys.

  4. Christina Yarbrough says:

    Just have patience when you come . The food was fine it was just ..So Im ordering my food which she would repeat right the first time then wrong the second time. Once we got to the drinks I said “May I please have 4 lemonades and one sweet tea.” She said “Pee. You want pee?” At this point I’m confused. I said” No, TEA why would I want a cup of pee? ” She goes idk I thought you wanted pee…Ma’am can just have a sweet tea so I can end this visit. Glad I wasn’t in a rush.

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