Captain D’s – 1314 South Peterson Avenue, Douglas

 Captain D’s

 1314 S Peterson Ave, Douglas, GA 31533, USA

 +1 912-384-2102

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Captain D’s Georgia

4 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 1314 South Peterson Avenue, Douglas

  1. Wow. Great improvement from the last time we were there. Newly remodeled. Great hot food and great service. Love how they offer grilled options now also and not just fried food. They have a good selection sides also to pick from. We love stopping by here and grabbing a quick bite to eat.

  2. Carroll Smith says:

    I’ve eat here many times, but was never as disappointed as I was today! Got the baked flounder with a shrimp kabob nestled on a bed of hard rice! The flounder was next to tasteless as any fish I’ve ever eaten! The oysters were new on the menu so I tried them. I love oysters so i ordered a large order, Big mistake, the picture don’t do it justice, they were fried so hard it took great effort just to crunch them, thinking it was just a mistake I sent them back and received some exactly the same way as the first! The waitress who brought them to me made a statement to the effect of “they look exactly like the first ones” I said yes ma am, exactly! She offered to go get me some more but as I’d been here for over an hour to get what I got, so I wasn’t chancing it!! It may be a while before I return here again!!

  3. Jess White says:

    Very friendly crew here and everything was fresh and delicious. Everything a restaurant atmosphere should be. Definitely will visit again.

  4. tonya Merritt says:

    There very good and I love going there my food is always cooked the way I like it and always hot

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