Captain D’s – 1951 Wgate Shop Ctr, Dublin

 Captain D’s

 1951 Wgate Shop Ctr, Dublin, GA 31021, USA

 +1 478-272-9168

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Captain D’s Georgia

4 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 1951 Wgate Shop Ctr, Dublin

  1. We have always loved Captain D’s, but this experience was not enjoyable. We spent close to $30 for our family, and the servings we’re skimpy. The macaroni bowls, which you pay extra to have this premium side, were not filled up. I got 4 small broccoli florets. We all left hungry. Also, the service was awful! When I went up to get our food the woman unkindly shoved it to me and muffled “here”. I said “thank you”, and she mumbled “mhm”.

  2. Shawn Allison says:

    Love the new decor inside. Food was fresh and hot. Service was quick and friendly

  3. Tommy Alligood says:

    The food always seems fresh and restaurant is clean and appealing.
    The front line staff are very curious and willing to help as needed.
    The lobby and dinning room have been renovated and modernized within the last two years.
    The manager Angela is very attentive and helpful should you need her assistance.

  4. cee boo says:

    I’ve been eating at Capt D’s for 30+ years since I came to Dublin and always enjoyed it. Things have changed for the worse. Drive through and inside counter service are poor. Lots of young staff who don’t seem to care whether they wait on you or not. On a recent visit, stood at the counter about 5 minutes before a young female would quit playing on her phone and come see what I wanted. They weren’t real busy and she had looked up and seen me there 2-3 times. Sanitation is poor there now. I ate there twice in the past month or so and had a hair in my food on both occasions.The first time it was a take-out order and a long hair under my fish tenders. The second time it was a small kinked or curled hair in my coleslaw. No one at the counter or in the kitchen wears any head covering of hair nets, caps, etc. or vinyl gloves. So, beyond the hairs, who knows what sort of booger picking, butt and head scratching those hands have done while preparing or handling your food. I have told several friends twice is enough for me so, after 30+ years I won’t be back.

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