Captain D’s – 2811 Canton Highway, Marietta

 Captain D’s

 2811 Canton Hwy, Marietta, GA 30066, USA

 +1 770-422-1694

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3 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 2811 Canton Highway, Marietta

  1. Advertised as open until 11:00 p.m. arrived at 10:15 to order. No tea sweet or unsweetened. That’s ok I ordered water. Ordered 2 pc fish & fries. Food was ready quick! Sat down to eat my meal. The food was so cold it had to over an hour old. Got a To Go box to take home & microwave my meal. The meal did not smell good on the way home. I think they gave me catfish instead of their white fish. Threw it out. Calling the manager Mike Cook tomorrow. I should have asked for a refund instead of asking for a To Go box.

  2. Alesha Muse says:

    I don’t give it any stars. We waited over 45 minutes for our food. When we finally got it. It was cold. The cashier acted like he couldn’t hear us. Our drinks were mixed soda cause whoever hooked them up did it wrong. And they didn’t want to fix it. When the manager Shawn came on duty he had his hands full. He fixed our drinks. During our 2 hour trying to eat we watched the cashier get cussed out four different times. One man cussed him twice due to his food being served cold both times. The cashier were handling money then serving drinks and opening the boxes of food. Plus touching there face and leaning on the counter. Without gloves or washing there hands. This places is nasty and very slow. When we tryed to call the district manager to complain his phone went straight to voicemail. So he must know just how bad this place is. Needless to say we tryed to eat our food. But it was just to cold. And they would not make us more food or give us our money back all the cashier would say is we are short handed today. So we were just out money and we are going to another place to eat.

  3. Shana Franshá says:

    Food was hot. I’m not sure how you mess up condiments though. I didn’t ask for the ones in the bag and the ones I asked for weren’t in there. Smh. And there is always a wait, no matter the time of day, no matter how busy.

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