Captain D’s – 3462 Baker Road, Acworth

 Captain D’s

 3462 Baker Rd, Acworth, GA 30101, USA

 +1 770-485-1729

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2 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 3462 Baker Road, Acworth

  1. Their cashiers need a lot of work. Their was one that wear glitter eye shadow that was very pleasant. However, the other two, Jes and Trin did not speak or greet me, almost as if I were a bother or problem to them, and seemed to have an attitude of not wanting to be there. I get it, you’re working on a beautiful day, cool. But I noticed when they interacted with white customers, they made sure to go above and beyond to speak and greet and make them feel welcomed, I’m not going to lie, I felt some type of way about that. My money is just as green as theirs and my card works just fine too. And it wouldn’t kill them to put a smile on their faces. Once bad customer service starts it will definitely continue, if not corrected in the beginning. I’d really like to know who’s training these people because they need to be fired. Doubtful I’ll return.

  2. Jason Montgomery says:

    Very poor experience. Employees were ringing up food for themselves for their break, and when done just left a line of customers with no one to ring in food. Manager finally came by to take order. When we sat we were surprised by a huge party of roughly 30 people who were apparently the owners family. Loud, kids running around, and people going back and forth from the dining area to the kitchen. Dining area was dirty, tables and floor both. Food was okay, but not what we usually expect from other Captain D’s locations. We were excited when this location opened, but we won’t be going back. To spend all that money opening a nice location, but not putting any effort into actually running it really surprises me.

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