Captain D’s – 19 Miracle Strip Parkway Southwest, Fort Walton Beach

 Captain D’s

 19 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, USA

 +1 850-244-3656

(5 reviews)

Captain D’s

5 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 19 Miracle Strip Parkway Southwest, Fort Walton Beach

  1. Really hate that this place has gone down hill. Seems they have changed so much new remodeling means nothing to me. I guess I went for the last time and no I won’t go to any captain d website. Better to remember how it used to be good farewell to the original

  2. Mike Liddle says:

    I had the catfish feast. Service was especially awesome thanks to Skyler! Excellent food too.

  3. Don Leija says:

    Awesome food with great service! The best seafood chain I’ve experienced in a while. Food is crisp and presented as advertised and their staff as friendly as can be. Highly recommended!

  4. Fabian Bryant says:

    Bland ass seafood restaurant…come on we’re in Florida. If your a tourist and choosing of all things “Captain D’s” as your go to for seafood than you need to take a long walk off a short pier

  5. CHAOSNCHECK T says:

    We were out for a walk on 3 Sep and stopped here just for drinks at 1230. Stepped up to an empty counter and waited. Gentleman came from the back, mop in hand, and said he would be right with us. He began mopping the area at the drink fountain, looking up occasionally and watched the line get longer and longer. I then saw him bend down and pick up ice and some trash off the floor, then wipe his hands on his pants, come behind the counter and pickup several plates of food and call out their numbers. Totally disgusting and we were going to call for a manager and make a scene but my wife said the gentleman seemed to have a disability and she didn’t want to embarrassed him. We won’t return here and contacted the Health Department to let them know what we saw.

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