Captain D’s – 2514 South French Avenue, Sanford

 Captain D’s

 2514 S French Ave, Sanford, FL 32771, USA

 +1 407-323-3410

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3 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 2514 South French Avenue, Sanford

  1. I want to start off by saying that the food at this location is fantastic. That was not the problem. I came in tonight 6/22/18 and went inside to place my to go order. The total came to $27. I handed the cashier $30 (a $20 and a $10). The cashier turned away from me, then back towards me saying I only gave him a $10 bill. I asked to speak to the manager immediately who began to argue with me that I was lying. The wonderful lady behind me in line even said that I handed the cashier $30. Unfortunately that didn’t make a difference to them. I decided to actually pay another $20 so I could get the food for my family. After I paid and was getting condiments, I heard the manager, and the cashier laughing quite loudly from the back area. Please use caution paying cash for food here. Some of the employees have sticky fingers. It will take time for us to trust this location again.

  2. k c says:

    Why is the food so good?????? I highly recommend using uber eats if you’re local. The best food in downtown Sanford for delivery. I was shocked at how good this food was. This is not long John silvers by any means.

  3. Debbie Queen says:

    7/7/18 13:54. The food is yummy, and fresh- the service/management (today) not so much. A new cashier and manager on duty are not knowledgeable or willing to try to solve issues. They couldn’t enter coupons, or know how to ring up specials; no Captain D reward cards, and just said we don’t have them. Usually when we go Tonya is there and helpful.

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