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One of the new restaurants we really like is Cheddars. What is on the Cheddars Menu? What are they? They are a restaurant that makes fresh food from scratch. You’ll find some familiar favorites. But everything they serve is done special so that you really taste a home cooked meal for the first time. For example, their mac and cheese is cheesier and tastier than any some folks have had before. But that’s just one of their dishes they have many.

Cheddars Menu
Cheddars is a reasonably new chain restaurant. What is the Cheddars Menu? Their total name is Cheddars Scratch Kitchen ® and they began in Texas. Ever since they’ve presented nearly almost everywhere. However they have several restaurants in Florida. They’ve succeeded. Why? Since they offer solid and inexpensive meals. The Cheddars Menu is different for each and every area. There are some menu products that are consistent amongst the restaurants. However you’ll additionally find several things on each and every Cheddars Menu.

Chips & Homemade Queso $4.79
Santa Fe Spinach Dip $5.79
Cheddar’s Cheese FriesSmall$5.79
Cheddar’s Cheese FriesRegular$7.29
Chicken Tender Basket $7.29
Loaded Russet Potato Skins $7.49
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla $8.79
Ultimate Nachos $8.79
Homemade Onion Rings $5.29
Wisconsin Cheese Bites $6.99
Triple Treat Sampler $9.29
Homemade Chicken Tortilla SoupCup$3.29
Homemade Chicken Tortilla SoupBowl$4.49
Homemade Baked Potato SoupCup$3.29
Homemade Baked Potato SoupBowl$4.49
Ultimate Lunch Combo  
Choice of Half-Sandwich & 1 Pairing $6.79
Choice of Half-Sandwich & 2 Pairings $7.79
Scratch Burgers  
The Original $5.99
Bacon Cheeseburger $7.99
SmokeHouse Burger $6.99
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad $8.49
Crispy Chicken Salad $8.79
Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad $8.79
Signature Shrimp & Chicken Salad $10.29
Maple Bacon Chicken Sandwich $8.29
Buffalo Chicken Wrapper $8.49
Cheddar’s Club $7.99
Monte Cristo $8.49
Philly Cheesesteak $8.49
Chicken Fried Steak $9.29
New Orleans Pasta $10.79
Vegetable Plate $7.49
Key West Chicken & Shrimp $9.99
Gigi’s Baked Spasagna $9.49
6oz. Top Sirloin $9.99
8oz. Top Sirloin $11.49
12oz Ribeye $14.99
20oz Bone-in Ribeye $19.99
House-Smoked Baby Back Ribs  
Half Rack $10.99
Full Rack $15.79
Chicken Tenders & Shrimp $10.79
Top Sirloin Steak & Chicken Tenders $13.49
Top Sirloin Steak & Ribs $14.79
Half Rack of Ribs & Shrimp $14.49
BBQ Chicken & Half Rack of Ribs $13.99
Top Sirloin Steak & Shrimp $13.99
Half Rack of Ribs & Chicken Tenders $14.29
Lighter Side  
Lemon Pepper Whitefish $8.29
Grilled Baja Chicken $8.79
Citrus Miso Glazed Salmon $8.99
Sweet Heat Chicken & Shrimp $8.99
Chicken Tender Platter $8.99
BBQ Chicken Platter $8.99
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie $7.79
Dijon Chicken & Mushrooms $9.79
Lemon Pepper Chicken $8.99
Grilled Chicken Alfredo $9.49
Country Chicken Fried Chicken $10.49
Blackened Redfish W/ Crab Sauce $14.29
Grilled Salmon $10.99
Cornmeal Catfish $9.79
Grilled Catfish $9.79
Grilled Tilapia & Shrimp with Mango Salsa $9.99
Beer Battered Fried Shrimp $10.79
Fish Tacos $7.79
Made-From-Scratch Sides  
Steamed Fresh Broccoli, Homemade Black Beans, Buttered Off-The-Cob Corn, Mac & Cheese, Freshly Made Coleslaw, Seasoned Rice, French Fries, Broccoli Cheese Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Red Beans & Rice, Loaded Baked Potato, & Southern Green Beans $2.49
House or Caesar Salad $3.79
Honey Butter Croissants3 Croissants$2.99
Grilled Cheese $4.99
Chicken Tenders $4.99
Junior Burger $4.99
Mac & Cheese $4.99
Penne Pasta Marinara $4.99
Grilled Chicken $4.99
Dessert MinisEach$1.49
Dessert MinisTrio$3.99
Hot Fudge Cake Sundae $5.49
Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie $4.99
Apple Crisp A La Mode $4.99

Among points we really like about the Cheddars Food selection is that they put a dietary menu online.

This is a food selection that tells you the amount of calories you’re consuming. Also it shows the healthy proteins, fats, sugars and also etc. We’ve not seen several dining establishments do this. So we believe they are being extremely accountable and informative to the public. See a sample from the menu.

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK Hand-breaded, offered with mashed potatoes, sauce, Southern green beans, Texas toast
NEW ORLEANS PASTA Shrimp, chicken, smoked sausage, peppers, onions and also penne pasta threw in homemade Cajun Alfredo sauce. Offered with toasted garlic bread
VEGGIE PLATE House salad or dish of homemade soup, choice of 4 made– from-scratch sides. Croissant on demand
TRICK WEST CHICKEN & SHRIMP Grilled hen and shrimp covered with freshly prepared pineapple pico de gallo over rice, 2 sides
BAKED SPASAGNA An unique style of lasagna. Pasta layered with cheeses, flavors and baked with meat or marinara sauce. Offered with toasted garlic bread

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Chips & Homemade Queso$3.99Rich and creamy queso dip served with freshly made tortilla chips and our own fresh salsa. For heartier flavor, add seasoned ground beef at no charge
Santa Fe Spinach Dip$4.99Mix of spinach, sour cream, southwestern spices and four cheeses. Served with homemade salsa and crispy tortilla chips
Homemade Onion Rings$3.99Generous portion of our hand-battered, thin cut made fresh onion rings, served with homemade creamy ranch dressing and our own cajun dipping sauce
Mozzarella Sticks$5.99Lightly breaded and served with our rich marinara sauce
Texas Cheese Fries$5.99A large portion of our crispy golden french fries, loaded with melted cheddar and jack cheeses and crispy bacon with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing
Triple Treat Sampler$7.99A combination of beef, bean and cheese nachos plus your choice of two others: loaded potato skins, crispy chicken tenders or mozzarella cheese sticks
Chicken Tender Basket$6.89These juicy all-white-meat tenders are hand-breaded, cooked till golden and served on a bed of fries with dipping sauce. For an added kick, try buffalo-style
Loaded Potato Skins$5.99Crispy potato skins with cheese and bacon, and then served with fresh sour cream and our own buttermilk ranch dressing
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla$7.59Fajita chicken, jack & cheddar cheeses, and bacon on tortillas and grilled. Served with our fresh pico de gallo
Ultimate Nachos$7.49Nacho chips with fajita chicken or seasoned ground beef, refried beans, jack & cheddar cheeses, homemade queso, jalapenos and our fresh pico de gallo
Edamame$3.99A healthy helping of edamame (soybeans in pod) served with ginger soy sauce and a mixture of toasted spices for seasoning
Tortilla Chips & Salsa$2.99Fresh made tortilla chips and our own fresh salsa
Soups & Salads
Our garden-fresh salads and homemade soups are made with quality ingredients. It’s a difference you can taste. Salads are served with a warm honey-butter croissant fresh from our oven. Dressings: homemade buttermilk ranch, original honey mustard, chunky b
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad$7.89Fresh romaine lettuce and penne pasta tossed with our creamy caesar dressing, grilled chicken, croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad with Grilled Salmon$8.89
Asian Chicken & Shrimp Salad$7.99Chicken and blackened shrimp top fresh salad greens, crispy asian noodles, crunchy cabbage, mandarin oranges, and tomatoes, with a sesame ginger dressing
Roasted Pear Spring Salad$6.99Roasted pear slices, almond slivers, tomatoes and shaved parmesan served on spring mix with a maple cider vinaigrette
Roasted Pear Spring Salad with Chicken$7.99
Hawaiian Chicken Salad$7.79Sliced chicken breast marinated with island flavors, served on a bed of fresh salad greens with pineapple, pico de gallo, tortilla strips and honey lime dressing
Crispy Chicken Salad$7.59Hand-breaded crispy chicken tenders served on salad greens with shredded cheese, fresh tomatoes and carrots with honey mustard dressing
Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad$7.79Grilled chicken breast tops a mix of fresh salad greens, tomatoes and carrots with cheddar cheese and sweet honey roasted pecans
Vegetable Plate$6.99Our fresh house salad or bowl of homemade soup combined with your choice of four sides
Ultimate Lunch Combo: Choose Two$6.59Bowl of soup, house salad, loaded baked potato, half of double decker club, caesar salad
Ultimate Lunch Combo: Choose Three$7.59Bowl of soup, house salad, loaded baked potato, half of double decker club, caesar salad
Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup$2.79 – $3.79Grilled all-white-meat chicken, tomatoes and onions with southwestern spices, cheddar cheese and tortilla strips
Homemade Baked Potato Soup$2.79 – $3.79Signature soup made from select potatoes, celery, onions and spices. Topped with cheddar and bacon
Our hearty handmade sandwiches. Served with any one side.
World Class Chicken$6.99Marinated, grilled chicken breast topped with peppered brown sugar bacon, melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and honey lime dressing on a bun
Buffalo Chicken Wrapper$6.99Buffalo-style chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, fresh coleslaw, pickles and homemade buttermilk ranch all rolled up in a flour tortilla. Also available with regular chicken tenders
Hawaiian Chicken$6.99Marinated chicken breast topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and finished with sweet & tangy honey mustard dressing on a bun
Double Decker Club$6.99This classic club is two layers of toasted potato bread loaded with hickory smoked ham, smoked turkey, brown sugar bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and seasoned mayo
Monte Cristo$6.99Smoked turkey and ham, and two cheeses on fresh bread. Then battered and cooked until golden, served with a side of raspberry preserves
Philly Cheesesteak$6.99Grilled, shaved ribeye steak, topped with sauteed fresh mushrooms, peppers and onions, smothered in melted cheese and served on a hoagie roll
Napa Chicken Ciabatta$7.49Seasoned chicken breast served on a ciabatta bun with roasted garlic aioli, roasted tomatoes, fontina cheese, avocado and spring mix
Grilled Portobello Ciabatta$6.99Grilled portobello seasoned and topped with pesto mayo, spring mix, roasted tomatoes and fontina cheese on a ciabatta bun
The Classics
Cheddar’s classic entrees are based on time-tested recipes and made from the finest ingredients. Add a house or caesar salad with a freshly baked honey butter croissant $2.19
Lemon Pepper Chicken$8.99Two chicken breasts seasoned with lemon pepper spices and grilled. Served on a bed of rice with two sides
Dijon Chicken & Mushrooms$9.29Grilled chicken breasts basted with our honey dijon sauce and covered with sauteed mushrooms. Served on a bed of seasoned rice with two sides
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie$6.99Handmade pie with all-white-meat chicken and garden vegetables in a savory sauce, topped with a light flaky crust. Served with a fresh house salad
Chicken Tender Platter$8.79Dinner potion of famous hand-breaded fried tenders served with a sweet & tangy honey mustard sauce and two sides. Try them Buffalo-style
Grilled Chicken Alfredo$8.99Rich homemade alfredo sauce tossed with grilled chicken breast, garden vegetables and pasta, served with toasted garlic bread
Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs$10.99 – $14.49Homemade rub, hickory smoked, and grilled with a tangy BBQ sauce. Served with two sides
Honey Barbecue Baby Back Ribs$10.99 – $14.49Slow cooked until tender, grilled and finished with our homemade honey BBQ glaze. Served with two sides
Baked Spasagna$7.99Spaghetti layered with cheeses and spices, baked and then topped with homemade meat or marinara sauce. Served with warm garlic bread
Vegetable Pasta Alfredo$6.99Fresh pasta tossed with fresh vegetables and our homemade alfredo sauce. Served with hot garlic bread
Grilled Salmon$9.99Choose grilled, blackened or bourbon glazed salmon. Served on a bed of savory rice with two sides
Grilled Salmon Lunch Portion$7.99
Grilled Catfish$9.49Freshwater catfish fillets with cajun spices or lemon pepper seasoning, grilled and served with our seasoned rice and two sides
Grilled Catfish Lunch Portion$7.29
Key West Chicken & Shrimp$9.99Marinated grilled chicken breast topped with grilled shrimp and pineapple pico de gallo. Served on a bed of savory seasoned rice with two sides
Beer Battered Fried Shrimp$10.59Shrimp hand dipped in beer batter and golden fried. Served with our homemade spicy cocktail sauce and two sides
Fish Tacos$6.79Hand breaded, fried white fish in flour tortillas, with roasted corn slaw $6.49 and cajun tartar sauce. Two tacos served with a choice of one side. Fresh off the Grill version
Shepherd’s Pie$7.49A complete meal of seasoned beef and vegetables in a savory sauce, classically topped with homemade mashed potatoes
Cornmeal Catfish$8.79Fried cornmeal breaded catfish, served with tartar sauce and a choice of two sides
Cornmeal Catfish Lunch Portion$7.49
Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa$9.59Grilled blackened shrimp and our handmade mango salsa top a generous fillet of grilled tilapia. Served with savory seasoned rice and two sides
Country Fried Steak$7.99Hand-breaded fork tender steak fried and covered with a blanket of our country gravy. Served with texas toast and two sides
Steaks & Combos
For full flavor and variety. Served with your choice of two sides. Aged USDA Choice Steaks. These bold flavored, tender and juicy steaks are grilled to order and served on a bed of homemade onion straws
8 oz. Center Cut Top Sirloin Steak$10.69
11 oz. Center Cut Top Sirloin Steak$12.99
12 oz. Aged Ribeye$14.99
Steak & Shrimp$14.39A tender and juicy center cut top sirloin steak grilled to your liking and your choice of seasoned grilled shrimp or hand-battered fried shrimp
Steak & Chicken Tenders$13.59A center cut top sirloin grilled to order served on a bed of homemade onion straws with a generous portion of our hand-breaded chicken tenders
Steak & Baby Back Ribs$14.99A tender and juicy center cut top sirloin steak grilled to your liking and a half rack of our homemade hickory-smoked baby back ribs
Chicken Tenders & Shrimp$10.59A generous serving of our famous homemade chicken tenders and your choice of seasoned grilled shrimp or hand-battered fried shrimp
Baby Back Ribs & Chicken Tenders$12.89A half rack of baby back ribs and our famous chicken tenders
Baby Back Ribs & Shrimp$14.29A half rack of tender & juicy hickory-smoked baby back ribs with your choice of seasoned grilled shrimp or hand-battered fried shrimp
Our big half-pound burgers are grilled medium well or well done. Add golden fries, fresh coleslaw, or homemade red beans & rice $1.89
The Original Burger$4.99Traditional half-pound burger topped with lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickles and onion
Cheeseburger$5.39The original burger with lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickles, onion and american cheese
Bacon Cheeseburger$5.79Four strips of hickory smoked bacon, two slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on our half-pound burger
Mushroom Burger$5.69A half-pound burger topped with sauteed fresh mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and melted cheese
Three Cheese Hickory Burger$5.69Three cheeses, our hickory BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickles on our half-pound burger
Smokehouse Burger$5.69Crisp bacon, aged cheddar cheese, freshly made smoky BBQ ranch, lettuce, tomato, pickles and crispy onion straws top a juicy half-pound burger
Add a house or caesar salad to your meal, with a freshly baked honey butter croissant available upon request $2.19
Steamed Fresh Broccoli$1.89
Seasoned Rice, Buttered Off-the-cob Corn$1.89
Sweet Baby Carrots$1.89
Freshly Made Coleslaw$1.89
French Fries$1.89
Idaho Mashed Potatoes$1.89
Loaded Baked Potato$1.89
Broccoli Cheese Casserole$1.89
Southern Green Beans$1.89
Homemade Red Beans & Rice$1.89
Freshly Baked Honey Butter (3 For)$1.99
Kids Meal
For children 12 and under, please. Children’s beverage included with free refills
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99Made with american cheese and grilled until golden. Served with fries, edamame or a fresh vegetable
Chicken Tenders$4.59A small portion of our famous hand-breaded chicken tenders, served with french fries, edamame or a fresh vegetable
Junior Burger$3.99A quarter-pound burger served plain with french fries, edamame or a fresh vegetable
Grilled Chicken Breast & Veggies$4.99Grilled marinated chicken breast or BBQ chicken breast served with steamed vegetables
Monte Dogs$4.29All beef hot dogs dipped in cheddar’s monte cristo batter and fried till golden. Served with your choice of french fries, edamame or fresh steamed vegetables
Apple Pie A La Mode$4.69A large slice of freshly baked deep dish apple pie topped with premium vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce
Hot Fudge Cake Sundae$4.99A huge piece of homemade fudge cake and vanilla ice cream covered with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry
Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie$4.69A colossal homemade chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet, topped with premium vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped nuts and a cherry. Baked fresh just for you, please allow a few
Hand-Dipped Shakes$2.99Old-fashioned blender milkshakes made with hand-dipped premium ice cream. Try vanilla, strawberry or chocolate
Virgin Daiquiris$2.99Sweet & satisfying frozen treats. Choose from strawberry, pina colada, or banana made from real fruit, or a chocolatey, coffee-infused mudslide
Aubrey’s Key Lime Pie$4.69Our key lime pie is made from scratch with 100% key lime juice from the florida keys

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

Here is the Cheddars Restaurant Menu .

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