Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – 2130 West New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne

 Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

 2130 W New Haven Ave, West Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

 +1 321-409-0711

(5 reviews)

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Florida

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Florida

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5 thoughts on “Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – 2130 West New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne

  1. Nicole Romero says:

    We have been to this location several times, but this was our best. The food was great as always…I believe our waiter’s name was Max and he was amazing. He was great with our 9 month old baby and attentive to us and anticipated all our needs. He definitely made our Father’s Day lunch that much better. Thank you!

  2. Bobby Gafford says:

    I was shocked at how good everything was. Definitely not just “scratch” hype. The bbq and sides were all on point. Good service great food and value. Comfortable ambiance. Great cocktail program, but I was surprised at their only having 3 mediocre beer taps. Other than the weak draft options, this was a great visit. Points of service could use some attn (professional waiters know to put certain things on the table before they are needed or asked for) but the service was friendly and hospitable. Not a complaint, just a comment on service.

  3. Rafael David says:

    Nice and clean place. I visited the Bar. Sabrina’s attention was awesome. Everyone here seems very nice and friendly. Food was delicious! Grilled Bourbon Salmon… I’ll come back for sure.

  4. The Hebdons says:

    Love Cheddar’s. Love their fresh prepared menu. The onion rings batter is wonderful. One of the few places that have a well made Monte Cristo sandwich. Their chicken tenders are the best of just about any chain restaurant – juicy white meat with their awesome crispy fried batter. Prices are good and the food is a good value. Be aware that they are a noisy eatery so not so good for autistic or other sound sensitive people. The service is always good to excellent depending on the sever. Sometimes you will get someone pretty new and so they are not totally on top of it but most of the servers are great. This is my go-to good food good service without a lot of hype or trendiness and they don’t try to rob you.

  5. Jake Hewes says:

    This is only getting three stars because the manager and server were so amazing. I ordered a steak medium well and the chef managed to ruin a perfectly good steak twice. I asked for a raw steak so I could just go home and cook it because I was already there for an hour. Unfortunately they wouldn’t give me the raw steak. They did however get someone else to cook my steak and it turned out pretty good then. Still super over seasoned but not as bad as eating a brick so I wasn’t going to keep complaining at that point.

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