Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – 5341 Cornerstone North Boulevard, Centerville

 Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

 5341 Cornerstone North Boulevard, Centerville, OH 45440, USA

 +1 937-439-4944

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5 thoughts on “Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – 5341 Cornerstone North Boulevard, Centerville

  1. Very family friendly restaurant that you can enjoy on a budget. My family of three often enjoys dinner for less than $30 which is hard to do at many sit-down establishments. The quality of food is above average and they have a wide variety to satisfy most cravings. Personally, I like the selection of lighter (low cal) dishes. Besides being overwhelmingly busy at peak hours and noisy at times, I’m always a fan of a meal at Cheddar’s.

  2. Moxy O'Onyx says:

    The food is good and you get plenty. The menu changes too much for me though. You can’t have favorites and expect it to stay on the menu. Clean, good service and good food. Beautiful fish tank, nice atmosphere. Rice sucks though.

  3. Marcia Dewitt says:

    Food was excellent, hope to go again soon.
    Only thing could made even better. Is not putting so many tables so close.
    High in seating should not be so close you can hear three tables conversation.
    Make bigger building to give a pleasant
    The food was so good , could of put second story and comfortable seating. Love the decorations
    Style . Waitress was very very good .

  4. Matt Dorr says:

    The food is a great upgrade to the Applebee’s/ Fridays style. I think the quality of good is a step up and the servers do a great job of keeping up. The lunch options are simple, reasonably priced and tasty. I am a big fan of the broccoli casserole! The flavored tea and lemonade is a nice option if you want to avoid soda.

  5. Krista Lackey says:

    We’ve been to Cheddar’s several times – their evening cooking staff seems to be much better than their lunch cooking staff. I recommend going in the evening. It will be a wait on the weekends because it’s still very popular and new. I got the chicken tenders and fries and it was delicious!

    Their dessert options are very limited they only offer 3. I’m a dessert person and I love their monster cookie dessert.

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