Amazing Cuban Food and Cuban Restaurants

Cuban Food in Miami

Cuban food is totally yummy and delicious! What makes the food so great? Cuba is part of Latin America, Caribbean ocean and also a colony of Spain back in the day. The result is an influx of influences that make Cuban food some of the best things you’ll ever eat. The number one thing to eat is the Cuban Sandwich. It’s a sandwich made with Cuban bread, ham, pickles and other delicious items. It normally comes with rice and beans. Under a Spanish influence the beans are normally black and under a Caribbean influence the rice is yellow. When you’re in Florida and especially Miami. If you do nothing else eat a Cuban Sandwich! Here are other foods from Cuba that we love.

Where can you eat Cuban food?

Little Havana Restaurants

NameCategoryStreet AddressNeighborhoodPrice RangeParkingAttireServes AlcoholOutdoor SeatingWifi
Ball & ChainMusic Venues, Bars, Tapas/Small Plates1513 SW 8th St Miami FL 33135Little Havana$11-30Valet, StreetCasualFull BarYesFree
Doce ProvisionsAmerican (New), Gastropubs, Cuban541 SW 12th Ave Miami FL 33130Little Havana$11-30StreetCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFree
El Cristo Restaurant & CateringCuban1543 SW 8th St Miami FL 33135Little Havana$11-30StreetCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFree
El Exquisito RestaurantCuban1510 SW 8th St Miami FL 33135Little Havana$11-30Street, Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoFree
La Camaronera Seafood Joint & Fish MarketSeafood Markets, Food Stands,1952 W Flagler St Miami FL 33135Little Havana$11-30Street, Private LotCasualNoNoFree
Little Havana Restaurants--Little Havana is loaded with great Cuba, Latin American and American food restaurants. There's great music, drink and good times. You'll find family dining, evening events and more. We hope you find this information useful. And enjoy Little Havana!


Boliche is a Cuban dish with round beef roast stuffed with chorizo sausages. It’s browned in olive oil simmered with onions. Potatoes are added and it’s served with white rice and fried sweet plantains. Your tummy will be happy.

Arrozo con Pollo

This is a chicken and rice. But the chicken and is a half chicken or big chicken leg in a bowl of rice. It’s got vegetables and spices that make the whole dish melt in your mouth.

Cuban Sandwiches

We talked about these at the beginning of this article. But let’s chat some more. When you get a Cuban sandwich be sure to get beans and rice. Also get plantains on the side. If you got a couple hours be sure to end your meal with Cuban coffee. That will fuel you up and keep you going.

Where can you learn more about Cuban food?

This is a Miami education site. What’s interesting is how the site talks about Cuban food and then gives you places to eat in Little Havana Miami.

Of course there is whole site that talks only about Cuban Food. It’s called

One of the best ways to experience Cuban Food is to eat it.

Other Great Cities for Cuban food?

There are plenty of fantastic Cuban restaurants to select from in LA, specifically for somebody like me – a Cuban and Puerto Rican now living in LA. If you are in search of some incredible Cuban cuisine you will definitely want to read this list of the best Cuban food in LA. El Floridita. This restaurant is historical as it had been first established in Havana, Cuba in 1820 and had been later renamed La Florida in 1898. It had been later brought to California to bring Hollywood the best Cuban food they might ever have. It had been and still is just a celebrity hot spot due to its great food.

This restaurant offers top quality, freshness, and crave able flavours in their cuisine. These are only a couple of the many qualities you’ll find at Cuba De Oro. They’ve created an authentic and distinctive style with their mouthwatering dishes. El Criollo established itself as a newly contemporary, but still conventional full service restaurant in the bustling downtown Van Nuys area. They offer the best, most flavorful Cuban cuisine at good prices. The food is served rapidly and the taste is still amazing. Porto’s Bakery & Caf serves thousands of customers who come far and wide to taste their delicious dishes and desserts. No Jodas is just a Cuban food truck helping incredible cuisine through LA. If you love food trucks and Cuban food, this is just one truck you certainly want to hunt down.

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