Amazing Restaurants in Davie Florida

Davie Restaurants

Davie Florida restaurants have got a wide variety of places to eat. You’ll find American, Indian, Cuban, Peruvian, Italian and other restaurants here.

Laspada’s Original Hoagies

This is a sandwich place. But you’ll be excited to learn this place makes real Italian sandwiches. It’s a nice change from Florida fried food. The hoagies as these folks call their sandwiches come in many different varieties. They’re located at 2645 S University Dr. Davie, FL 33328.

Kristof’s Kafe

This is a breakfast place and they got some real deal eggs benedict. They’re located at 8912 W State Rd 84 Davie, FL 33324.

The Mack House

This is a bar with many kinds of beer. They also have fried food and pub food. They’re located at 9118 State Rd 84 Davie, FL 33324.

Mash'D - Davie
Mash'D - Davie 4.0 star rating 93 reviews
Fresh Kitchen
Fresh Kitchen 4.5 star rating 30 reviews
Gakaii 4.0 star rating 45 reviews

Davie Restaurants

NameStreet AddressWebsiteServes AlcoholOutdoor SeatingWifiCategory
545° Banh Mi Cafe6461 Stirling Rdhttp://www.545banhmidavie.comNoYesNoVietnamese, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Sandwiches, Vietnamese, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Sandwiches
84 Diner & Lounge11432 W State Rd 84 BarNoNoBakeries, Diners, Greek, Bakeries, Diners, Greek
Agave Taco Bar - Davie13040 W State Rd 84http://www.agave-tacobar.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreeMexican, Mexican
Agave Taco Bar - Davie East7750 Nova Dr Ste A2http://www.agave-tacobar.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeMexican, Desserts, Soup, Mexican, Desserts, Soup
Ally’s Comfort Cafe13674 W State Rd 84http://www.allyscomfortcafe.netNoNoNoDiners, Cafes, American (Traditional), Diners, Cafes, American (Traditional)
Amaize Davie2258 S University Drhttp://www.amaizeyou.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeVenezuelan, Colombian, Venezuelan, Colombian
Antonio’s Pizza-Rant13718 State Rd 84http://Www.antoniopizzarant.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoPizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Apropo Crepes & Baguettes2258 S University Drhttp://www.apropocrepes.comYesCreperies, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches, Creperies, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches
Bangkok Cafe4801 S University Dr Ste 109http://www.bangkokcafe.moonfruit.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoThai, Thai
BellyHugs6678 Stirling Rd, Gluten-Free, Bakeries, Gluten-Free
Bento Cafe2260 S University Dr Bars, Bubble Tea, Pan Asian, Sushi Bars, Bubble Tea, Pan Asian
Big Chef & Bakery Bistro4811 S State Rd 7http://www.bigchefonline.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreeBakeries, Cafes, Bakeries, Cafes
Billy’s Tavern8580 W State Rd 84 BarYesFreePubs, Seafood, Burgers, Pubs, Seafood, Burgers
Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza2135 S. University Dr.http://www.blazepizza.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesNoSalad, Pizza, Fast Food, Salad, Pizza, Fast Food
Bollywood Biryani8270 Griffin Rdhttp://www.bollywoodbiryani.netNoNoFreeIndian, Indian
Brandon Asian Cuisine6417 Stirling Rdhttp://phobrandon.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoVietnamese, Soup, Karaoke, Vietnamese, Soup, Karaoke
Brooklyn Boys Pizza & Wings4900 S University Dr Ste 100http://www.brooklynboyspizzadavie.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreePizza, Italian, Salad, Pizza, Italian, Salad
Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant3355 S University Dr BarNoFreeItalian, Italian
Burger 212451 S University Drhttp://www.burger21.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeBurgers, Gluten-Free, American (New), Burgers, Gluten-Free, American (New)
BurgerFi1902 S University Dr & Wine OnlyYesFreeBurgers, Hot Dogs, American (Traditional), Burgers, Hot Dogs, American (Traditional)
Carolina Ale House2618 Weston Rdhttp://www.carolinaalehouse.comFull BarYesFreeSports Bars, American (New), Sports Bars, American (New)
Char-Hut9000 W State Rd 84, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
China House6517 Nova Drhttp://chinahousefldr.takeweborders.comNoNoFreeChinese, Chinese
China Island Chinese Restaurant13618 W State Rd 84http://chinaisland.bizBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoChinese, Seafood, Soup, Chinese, Seafood, Soup
Cinque Terre Italian Restaurant7750 Nova Drhttp://www.cinqueterrerestaurant.comFull BarNoFreeItalian, Seafood, Bars, Italian, Seafood, Bars
Ciro’s Italian Restaurant Deli & Pizzeria8840 W State Rd 84 & Wine OnlyNoFreeItalian, Italian
Crispers5810 S University Drhttp://www.crispers.comNoYesFreeSandwiches, Salad, Soup, Sandwiches, Salad, Soup
Davie’s Best Pizza Bar4120 SW 64th Avehttp://daviesbestpizzabar.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreePizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Deli Boy Subs11328 W State Rd 84, Delis
Delicious Raw Juice Bar2276 S University Drhttps://delraw.comNoYesPaidJuice Bars & Smoothies, Live/Raw Food, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Live/Raw Food
DelVecchio’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant2060 S University Drhttp://www.delvecchiospizza.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Disalvo’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant5945 S University Dr & Wine OnlyNoNoPizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Donato’s Ristorante4831 Volunteer Rdhttp://www.donatosristorante.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoPizza, Pizza
El Arepazo 24446 Weston Rd & Wine OnlyNoFreeDesserts, Venezuelan, Desserts, Venezuelan
Emerald Thai Restaurant8500 W State Rd 84 & Wine OnlyNoNoThai, Thai
Esposito’s New York & Coal Fired Pizza2221 South University Drhttp://www.espositospizzaonline.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesNoPizza, Seafood, Pizza, Seafood
Firehouse Subs5975 S. University Dr., Fast Food, Delis, Sandwiches, Fast Food, Delis
Flamingo CafeFlamingo Gardens 3750 S Flamingo Rd Dogs, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
Flamingo Chevron Gas Station4351 S Flamingo Rd & Service Stations, Post Offices, Cafeteria, Gas & Service Stations, Post Offices, Cafeteria
Flanigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill2190 S University Dr BarYesFreeSeafood, American (Traditional), Sports Bars, Seafood, American (Traditional), Sports Bars
Flashback Diner & Coffeehouse4125 SW 64th Ave & Wine OnlyYesFreeDiners, Diners
Flight Deck3301 College Ave, Gastropubs
Froots2227 S University Drhttp://www.froots.comNoYesFreeSalad, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Salad, Juice Bars & Smoothies
Geronimos Bar and Grill3528 S University Dr BarYesFreeAmerican (Traditional), Bars, American (Traditional), Bars
Giovanni’s Pizzeria6799 Stirling Rdhttp://www.giovannispizzaonline.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Grande Oaks Golf Club3201 W Rolling Hills Cirhttp://www.grandeoaks.comYesSocial Clubs, Restaurants, Golf, Social Clubs, Restaurants, Golf
Howie’s Top Dog5021 S State Rd 7 Ste 209 Dogs, Fast Food, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fast Food, Burgers
Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs6555 Nova Dr Ste 312, Italian, Chicken Wings, Pizza, Italian, Chicken Wings
Jet’s Pizza4637 S University Drhttp://www.jetspizza.comNoFreePizza, Pizza
Jimmy John’s4613 S University Drhttp://www.jimmyjohns.comNoYesFreeSandwiches, Sandwiches
jugofresh1903 S University Dr.http://jugofresh.comFreeLive/Raw Food, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Live/Raw Food, Juice Bars & Smoothies
Kristof’s Kafe8912 W State Rd 84 & Wine OnlyNoFreeAmerican (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch, Diners, American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch, Diners
La Granja Griffin4810 S State Rd 7http://www.lagranjarestaurants.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoPeruvian, Peruvian
Lakeview RestaurantPine Island Ridge 9400 Pine Ridge Drhttp://www.pircc.netAmerican (Traditional), Diners, American (Traditional), Diners
Laspada’s Original Hoagies2645 S University Drhttp://www.laspadashoagies.comNoYesNoSandwiches, Sandwiches
Le Cafe Francais4777 S University Drhttp://www.lecafefrancais-22.webself.netBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreeFrench, Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee & Tea, French, Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee & Tea
Liguori’s Fired Up!5810 S University Dr & Wine OnlyNoNoPizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Little Japan13702 W State Rd 84 & Wine OnlyNoNoSushi Bars, Sushi Bars
M & H Cafe2875 S University Drhttp://www.mandhcafe.comNoYesFreeSandwiches, Cafes, Sandwiches, Cafes
Mazzola’s West Italian Restaurant12585 Orange Dr & Wine OnlyNoNoItalian, Italian
McDonald’s11200 W Sr 84 Food, Burgers, Desserts, Fast Food, Burgers, Desserts
Micaela Peruvian Cuisine7613 Davie Rd & Wine OnlyYesFreePeruvian, Peruvian
Mineo’s Wings, Pizza & Raw Bar4261 Griffin Rdhttp://mineosrestaurant.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreePizza, Bars, Chicken Wings, Pizza, Bars, Chicken Wings
Mission BBQ2411 S University Drhttp://mission-bbq.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeBarbeque, Salad, Sandwiches, Barbeque, Salad, Sandwiches
Moe’s Southwest Grill2257 South University Dr, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Mexican
Monstro Sandwich6600 Stirling Rdhttp://monstrosandwich.comNoLatin American, Peruvian, Sandwiches, Latin American, Peruvian, Sandwiches
Mr M’s Sandwich Shop3325 S University Dr Ste 122http://www.mrmssubs.comNoYesFreeSandwiches, Delis, Sandwiches, Delis
My Pi Pizza9200 W State Rd 84http://www.mypipizza.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesPizza, Pizza
Natural Chicken Grill7740 Nova Dr Ste B1 (Traditional), Chicken Wings, Fast Food, American (Traditional), Chicken Wings, Fast Food
Number One Wok6025 Stirling Rdhttp://www.numberonewok.comNoNoChinese, Chinese
Oh Ceviche5941 S University Drhttp://www.ohceviche.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePeruvian, Latin American, Seafood, Peruvian, Latin American, Seafood
Orient Chef4653 S University Drhttp://www.orientchefdavie.comNoNoNoChinese, Japanese, Chinese, Japanese
Outback Steakhouse14830 Griffin Rd BarYesFreeSteakhouses, Steakhouses
Palace Indian Restaurant11422 W State Rd 84 BarNoFreeIndian, Indian
Panezze4442 Weston Rdhttp://www.panezze.comNoNoNoSandwiches, Sandwiches
Paris Morning Bakery4900 S University Dr Ste 110http://www.parismorning.comNoYesFreeCoffee & Tea, Bakeries, French, Coffee & Tea, Bakeries, French
Pho 796451 Stirling Rd, Noodles, Vietnamese, Noodles
Pink Buddha Chinese Restaurant5949 S University Dr & Wine OnlyNoNoDim Sum, Dim Sum
Piola15641 Sheridan St Ste 600http://www.piolausa.comFull BarYesFreePizza, Italian, Pizza, Italian
Pizza Heaven4420 Weston Rdhttp://www.pizzaheavenrestaurant.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePizza, Pizza
Pizza Loft3514 S University Dr & Wine OnlyNoFreePizza, Pizza
Pizza Machine Davie13150 W State Rd 84http://pizzamachineindavie.comNoYesNoChicken Wings, Pizza, Food Delivery Services, Chicken Wings, Pizza, Food Delivery Services
Pollo Tropical2390 S University Drhttp://www.pollotropical.comNoYesFreeCaribbean, Fast Food, Caribbean, Fast Food
Pollo Tropical5780 S University Dr American, Caribbean, Fast Food, Latin American, Caribbean, Fast Food
Potatopia2262 S University Drhttp://potatopia.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeFast Food, Soup, Fast Food, Soup
Quarterdeck Restaurants3155 S University Drhttp://quarterdeckrestaurants.comFull BarYesNoAmerican (Traditional), Seafood, American (Traditional), Seafood
Rob’s Family BBQ8990 W State Rd 84http://www.robsfamilybbq.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoBarbeque, Diners, Barbeque, Diners
Se Llama Peru4875 S State Rd 7http://www.sellamaperurestaurant.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePeruvian, Peruvian
Shinju Buffet3305 S University Dr & Wine OnlyNoNoJapanese, Buffets, Japanese, Buffets
Shorty’s Bar-B-Q5989 S University Dr & Wine OnlyNoNoBarbeque, Barbeque
Spaghetto Factory4350 Oakes Rd Bay 506http://spaghetto.comNoNoFreePasta Shops, Italian, Pasta Shops, Italian
Sub Cafe7711 Nova Dr, Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches, Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch
Super Duper Grub CafeYoung At Art Museum 751 SW 121st Ave (New), Cafes, Fast Food, American (New), Cafes, Fast Food
Sushi MakiWhole Foods Market 1903 S University Drhttp://gosushimaki.comJapanese, Food Court, Japanese, Food Court
Sushi Sake - Davie15651 Sheridan Sthttp://sushisakemiami.comFull BarYesNoSushi Bars, Japanese, Sushi Bars, Japanese
Tabitha’s Bistro5511 S University Drhttp://www.tabithasbistro.netNoYesFreeSoup, Sandwiches, Salad, Soup, Sandwiches, Salad
Taco Rico Tex-Mex Cafe3325 S University Dr Ste 121http://www.tacoricotmc.comBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeTex-Mex, Mexican, Salad, Tex-Mex, Mexican, Salad
The Halal Guys2268 S University Drhttp://thehalalguys.comNoYesNoHalal, Halal
Tijuana Taxi Co4400 S University Dr BarYesNoTex-Mex, Tex-Mex
Tower Deli2315 S University Drhttp://www.towerdeli.comNoNoNoDelis, Breakfast & Brunch, Delis, Breakfast & Brunch
Tropical Marketplace & Smoothie BarFlamingo Gardens 3750 S Flamingo Rd Bars & Smoothies, Burgers, Sandwiches, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Burgers, Sandwiches
Tropical Smoothie Cafe5780 S University Dr Ste 106 Bars & Smoothies, Sandwiches, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Sandwiches
Tutti Frutti Froyo and Crêpes4422 Weston Roadhttp://www.tfyogurt.comNoNoNoBubble Tea, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Creperies, Bubble Tea, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Creperies
Twin Peaks Restaurant2000S. University Dr.http://www.twinpeaksrestaurant.comFull BarYesFreeSports Bars, American (Traditional), Sports Bars, American (Traditional)
Uncle Al’s8200 Griffin Rdhttp://unclealsdavie.comFull BarNoNoAmerican (Traditional), Chicken Wings, American (Traditional), Chicken Wings
Ushio Sushi2211 S Universityhttp://www.ushiosushi.comBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoSushi Bars, Japanese, Noodles, Sushi Bars, Japanese, Noodles
Vienna Cafe & Wine Bar9100 W State Road 84http://www.viennawinebar.comFull BarYesFreeWine Bars, American (Traditional), Wine Bars, American (Traditional)
Vinnie’s Lobster Bar5810 S University Dr Ste 118http://www.vinnieslobsterbarflorida.comFull BarYesFreeSeafood, Italian, Bars, Seafood, Italian, Bars
Weston Sushi & Grill4482 Weston Rdhttp://www.westonsushidavie.comNoFreeSushi Bars, Sushi Bars
Wings Chinese Restaurant & Take Out3752 SW 64th Avehttp://wingschinese.weebly.comNoNoNoChinese, Peruvian, Chicken Wings, Chinese, Peruvian, Chicken Wings
Ye Olde Falcon Pub2867 S University Dr BarYesFreePubs, British, Karaoke, Pubs, British, Karaoke
Zinncredible Pizza & Panini4450 S Pine Island Rdhttp://www.zinncredible.comNoNoNoItalian, Pizza, Sandwiches, Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches
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