Fort Lauderdale Airport Restaurants

If you are planning to go to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, there are a number of restaurants in and around the vicinity. These restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines including International, American and Spanish cuisines. Most of these delicious food outlets are located in proximity to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. It is therefore easy for your family and friends to reach these eating places without having to go out of their way.

There are many delicious options when it comes to dining in the Fort Lauderdale airport area. This is because there are many different eating places that are located nearby. If you do not fancy going out, you can always have dinner at home. If you prefer to dine outside, there are numerous sidewalk cafes and fast food outlets in the Fort Lauderdale airport area. The Fort Lauderdale airport offers various kinds of delicious and delectable food selections. Here are some of the most popular eating places near the Fort Lauderdale International Airport:

Al Dente Italian Deli – This Italian deli is located just next to the Fort Lauderdale airport and is one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. This restaurant is known for its mouthwatering Mediterranean and European dishes. It also offers customers an amazing array of appetizers, pastas and desserts. Some of the dishes served here include salami, spaghetti, pizza, burritos and many other mouth watering dishes. This is a must visit if you are in the mood for exotic food.

Cafe Bianco – This cafe is located in the same vicinity as the Al Dente Italian Deli. It is the best place to go for Mediterranean and European-inspired food. The Mediterranean and European inspired menus at Cafe Bianco offer diners a wide variety of cuisines. Some of the dishes here include spinach Artichoke quiche, seafood pasta salad, grilled chicken ala king, Caesar salad, red bean tortellini and a lot more.

Grilli Kitchen – If you are looking for the best Fort Lauderdale airport restaurants, then head to Grilli Kitchen. This restaurant is known for its mouthwatering Mediterranean and European-inspired dishes. Some of the dishes available here include stuffed tomatoes, seafood, olive oil stuffed artichoke, salmon with russet potatoes, fettuccini Alfredo and the best platter among others which are the Salmon with truffles. Other dishes that are available include creamy Artichoke soup, grilled quail, seafood pasta salad, tuna casserole, fettuccini Alfredo, fettuccini, meatball sub sandwiches, meatballs, garlic bread, ginger carrots, yogurt and so much more.

The Old Majorca Restaurant – This is a restaurant that offers authentic Spanish delicacies. This is a family owned restaurant that has been serving the community in Fort Lauderdale since decades. Some of the entrees available here include homemade corn tortillas, beef fajitas, homemade flan, seafood platter, shrimp gumbo and the popular mango gumbo. The bar area offers a full bar where you can have your drinks and appetizers while sitting at the bar. Other dishes available are shrimp cocktail, seafood pasta salad, grilled shrimp, chicken fajitas, beef fondue, seafood pasta salad, grilled shrimp, beef stew and red sauce linguini.

Port Everglades Seafood Restaurant – The Port Everglades Seafood Restaurant is located at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. It is one of the best restaurants to dine at when in Fort Lauderdale and is one of the popular dining spots among locals as well as travelers. You can get amazing delicacies here such as crab legs, tuna wraps, grilled shrimp, oysters, lobster, calamari, crab cakes and so much more. Here you can dine in its restaurant or in the outside patio area.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport has a lot to offer when it comes to dining. If you are visiting the area, then you may want to consider some of these places. They are all great options because of their location, atmosphere, cuisine and price. They are close to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and also have a lot to offer outdoors. With these great options, you can guarantee that you will find something good to eat at one of the Ft. Lauderdale airport restaurants.

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