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Marketplace 17. You’ll need a reservation to banquet beyond the thick velvet drapes that keep the little, 12 seat room shrouded in darkness. Those curtains also muffle the sound of the restaurant major dining room beyond, while pop music plays gently in the background, his cheerful rhythm a stark sharp contrast to the oppressive push of blackness. A creeping feeling of claustrophobia may be unsettling at first. The dark, he says, drives other senses to guide you throughout the encounter. If they dine in the dark or in the dining area, they tell us the food only gets better.

Expect to become intensely aware of the food, whose coming is declared not only from the deep baritone of the server voice, but also by the dish fragrance. If you have opted, as most guests do, to forgo forks and knives, your waiter will instruct you to feel the food. At the first dish, cold flakes have a floppy weight – squat like, thick noodles. You start to recognize individual components on the plate: how a various elements taste and work collectively and how texture can inspire mental pictures. By the end, the dark is just a comfortable companion, a short hiatus from present day recreations.

That is the type of encounter Market 17 co owners and brothers Kirsta and Aaron Grauberger hope to create. Kirsta would then go into management, primary at Sundy House in Delray Beach and after that Johnny V off Las Olas Boulevard. Aaron joined Darden Restaurants at Seasons 52 in Boca Raton, in which a love for wine grew into a newfound passion. In Mar 2010, at their father urging, Kirsta and Aaron decided to get into business for themselves. They released their primary restaurant in the Portside Center on the west side of Fort Lauderdale seventeenth Street bridge, naming it Marketplace 17.

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