Amazing Fish and Chips Restaurants [10+ Great Places to Eat]

Fish and Chips Florida

When you’re in Florida get yourself some fried fish and chips. In Florida it’s all fresh and tasty. There are many expensive places but some of the best joints in Florida won’t eat up your wallet and you’ll get some delicious fried goodness. We are big Florida fans and we found a few fish and chip places that we want to share.  It is one of London best known along with most loved dishes, along with quite possibly the biggest bout of all time. But did you know Florida has got a lot of fish and chip joints as well?


What’s so great about Florida Fish and Chips in Florida?

  • The fish is fresh!
  • The fish and chip places have a real British pub feel. That’s because so many folks from the UK visit Florida or live here.
  • You can get hush puppies too. Now hush puppies are not from England they are from the USA but they are still tasty.
  • If you want any kind of beer or drink you will find it in a Florida Fish and Chip place. Florida is one of the world’s vacation spots and they know how to serve the guests.
The Spillover
The Spillover 4.5 star rating 779 reviews
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What makes a great fish and chip place?

The batter is made utilizing a Japanese tempura mix making it significantly crispy, while we found the fish inside to be firm, meaty and moist. Homemade ketchup along with mushy peas are final thrives, whilst the sea style decor sets the scene perfectly. This old school Clerkenwell establishment appears to have just changed in all of its years of existence, and that is an excellent thing. It is about the fish – helping a variety that spans grilled sardines, oysters along with lobster – along with as a result offers only in the freshest of the stuff. It surely shows through in the flaky, damp along with sweet tasting cod that gently steams inside a light, but crunchy batter.

What makes the chips so good?

The chunky chips are very decent also, but you’ll find conflicting views on the rest of the menu. There are various variations on fish and chips, and sheer choice is the greatest strength of this restaurant with limbs in Clapham and Battersea. In addition to selecting from a range of newly delivered fish – from sardines along with mackerel to bream along with sole – clients can choose if they’d like it pan fried, grilled, baked or deep fried. Sustainability is another strength, which is the reason it is coley – not cod or haddock – that takes top billing.

It is just as damp along with flaky, along with a seaside worthy success when coated in a crisp beer batter along with served alongside pert double cooked chips. This sleek along with modern looking Soho chippie runs on the cautiously planned mixture of oils for frying, sourced only sustainable fish, along with serves battered halloumi.

You’ll find most fish and chip places have a British Pub feel and that’s to be expected. Quite a few folks visit here from England and want some comfort food from home. Also some of us in the USA have taken a liking to fish and chips. But what makes Florida fish and chips off the hook is the freshness! It’s fresh caught fish and boy is it tasty. Most places have a light batter and the fresh fish taste comes right through. In Florida not only can you get the traditional chip or fried potatoes but you can also get hush puppies instead of fries. Now the traditional British folks may want their chips but hush puppies which are corn meal goodness fried in fish oil are a real tasty treat. Here are a few places in Fort Lauderdale below. We’ll add more.

Here are some great fish and chips places

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