Gainesville Restaurants

Gainesville Restaurants

Gainesville restaurants are not expensive places. This city is a college town and you’ll find great deals on some great food. Sure. The town is loaded with college students but the student’s know what’s good. They don’t eat just pizza. Although there are a lot of pizza joints here. Here are some of recommendations if you are in Gainesville, Florida and looking for a restaurant.

Gainesville Restaurants

A great thing about Gainesville Restaurants is that they are affordable, delicious and located not far from the University of Florida.

Gainesville Restaurants

43rd Street Deli 

A strong player in the Gainesville restaurants scene.

Gainesville Seafood and Chicken

We read great things about this place. They got fried crab, flounder, tilapia and shrimp and chicken.


  • Fish Baskets
  • Catfish Fillets
  • Tilapia
  • Combo Baskets
  • Oyster and Scallop
  • Fish by the Piece
  • Flounder

Metro Diner 

Fried chicken! Warm, juicy, crunchy breading on the fried chicken. A half-portion order is ample to feed the ordinary human.

Mojo Hogtown BBQ


One of the most attractive dining rooms in Gainesville is only covered by the incredible care as well as love took into each dish of ramen. Crane is a crucial action in Gainesville’s cooking scene, as it symbolizes the acceptance of specialized restaurants. Something that is found in larger cities, however not a little university community in North Florida. It’s only the beginning, and also there will certainly be a lot more like them. Locally sourced ingredients, nearly every little thing made from the ground up in home, as well as noodles sourced from the best noodle maker in America make them one of the very best.


The very best falafel anywhere. A real family members owned dining establishment with household recipes that serves some really fresh, vivid, and also delicious food that is filling up yet not dreadful for you. Their $5 falafel sandwiches may be among the best dish sell town. Do not forget about their schnitzels and also bourekas either. The rugelach as well as babka right here are tasty as well.

The restaurant is small, with just a handful of tables versus a lengthy bench seat as well as a pair two-top otherwise in a converted previous dancing workshop. Yet there is seating outside also. The menu is reasonably little with a handful of appetisers, 6 different meals, pita sandwiches, and a couple of treats. You’ll find things like Bourekas , baked-to-order Mellawach , and Couscous.

For meals, your option of protein can be purchased as a plate with option of side, pita & hummus, and also a housemade Israeli salad or in the form of a pita sandwich. Plates range from $9.99 to $12.99 and also sandwiches vary from $7.99 to $8.99. There’s Falafel, Chicken or Vegan Shawarma, Chicken or Vegan Schnitzel, as well as Moroccan Fish. If you do see, see to it you obtain a can of sweet scrumptious fruit nectar imported right from Israel, it’s offered in mango or strawberry banana.

For treat, there’s naturally, Baklava, and also it’s an excellent Baklava at that. However you’ll likewise find Rugelach, Babka, and also Bamba. On Sundays, they even offer breakfast with favorites like Bagel & Lox, Challah French Toast, a Babka French Toast, as well as Shakshuka (eggs poached in homemade tomato sauce offered with pita and salad). Obtain some Turkish Coffee, which is prepared with unfiltered finely ground beans as well as cardamom, with your bread and also you’ve got a great little treat.

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