Key Largo, FL Restaurants

Restaurants in Key Largo, FL

In Key Largo, FL there are restaurants of all kinds. In Key Largo, FL you’ll find Cuban, seafood, Italian, Japanese, and of course Latin American food. Barbecue places are here and there. You’ll also find some delightful cafes, sandwich shops, and eateries of different kinds. Pub, bars and places to get a quick drink are in Key Largo, FL as well.

Skipper's Dockside
Skipper's Dockside 4.0 star rating 603 reviews
Hobo's Cafe
Hobo's Cafe 4.5 star rating 995 reviews
The Fish House
The Fish House 4.0 star rating 1032 reviews
Key Largo Fisheries
Key Largo Fisheries 4.5 star rating 521 reviews


Fried Chicken and Fish Restaurants in Key Largo, FL

Fried Fish & Chicken

Sal's Ballyhoo's
Sal's Ballyhoo's 4.0 star rating 400 reviews
Key Largo Conch House
Key Largo Conch House 4.0 star rating 647 reviews
Skipper's Dockside
Skipper's Dockside 4.0 star rating 603 reviews


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Key Largo is the first isle of the Florida Keys, south of the Florida mainland. You can achieve Key Largo by driving for about 1/2 hours from Miami Airport. If you look in the mile markers placed on the offshore highway – US1 – Key Largo may be marked from m.m. 90-106. The island derives its name from Spanish, Largo means big. It is the longest and biggest isle of the Florida Keys along with referred to as the Diving Capital of the World. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park was created under water. The majority of the upper parts of the island are protected areas and uninhabited overly.

The corals in this isle are known for their beauty. There is definitely an artificial coral reef Spiegel Grove, which is definitely 510 legs long and additionally the only living coral reef in the Continental USA. It’s possible for you to choose a fishing charters and show your talents as an angler. If you dive or snorkel, you’re certain to find large treasures hidden beneath the ocean. There are refuges which place endangered species of birds and animals. There are regular programs organized by the historical preservation society to produce awareness to protect the delicate ecosystem. It’s possible for you to go fishing along with swimming on the Harry Harris beach.

Or you could choose glass bottom boat tours along with explore the submerged marvels such as the Christ statue in John Pennecamp Park. You might have Diving lessons or view the African Queen- the ship cast in a Hollywood film starring Bogart and Hepburn. The Everglades is an environment spread over 1.5 million acres. There’s additionally a casino cruise along with a motor tour facility.

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