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Restaurants in Miami Gardens, FL

In Miami Gardens, FL there are restaurants of all kinds. Miami Gardens restaurants have Cuban, seafood, Italian, Japanese, and of course Latin American food. Barbecue places are here and there. You’ll also find some delightful cafes, sandwich shops, and eateries of different kinds. Pub, bars and places to get a quick drink are in Miami Gardens, FL as well.

Coconuts 4.0 star rating 3542 reviews
Shooters Waterfront
Shooters Waterfront 4.0 star rating 2304 reviews


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Miami Gardens Restaurant Favorites

World Famous
World Famous 4.0 star rating 98 reviews
The Licking
The Licking 3.5 star rating 260 reviews
iSeeFood Miami
iSeeFood Miami 4.0 star rating 31 reviews
Sunday's Eatery
Sunday's Eatery 4.5 star rating 91 reviews

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