Find amazing restaurants in Orlando, FL! [50+ Restaurants]

Restaurants in Orlando, FL

In Orlando, FL there are restaurants of all kinds. In Orlando, FL you’ll find Cuban, seafood, Italian, Japanese, and of course Latin American food. Barbecue places are here and there. You’ll also find some delightful cafes, sandwich shops, and eateries of different kinds. Pub, bars and places to get a quick drink are in Orlando, FL as well.

Restaurant Areas

Generally you will find two area that have most of the restaurants in the city. These are the Winter Park area in the North. And the theme park area in the south. Both areas have exceptionally good restaurants of all price points. However, we will say in our experience that Winter Park feels more expensive and seems to have fewer inexpensive choices.

Winter Park Area

Winter Park is as urbane, upscale, hipster and refined as any other city we’ve been to. This may be one of the best places for Italian food we’ve ever been. It’s north of the city. And it’s quiet with small streets. The streets are tree lined and you’ll feel like you’re in the old south. So it’s worth a visit if you have an afternoon or want to sample a part of Orlando that most of us outside the area don’t think about often. Please see the map below for restaurants.

Theme Park Area

The theme park area in the south of Orlando has everything. Here you will find breakfasts for under $5. You’ll cheap eats of all sorts. There is fine dining. There is quick dining. There is Italian, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Chinese food and French food. You name it. This area has got it. A couple areas to consider are International Drive and the Downtown area close to theme park. The theme park (We won’t use their name.) has a great selection of delicious and entertaining restaurants. You really can’t miss. This can be a little expensive but not always.



5 Top Restaurants in Orlando, FL

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