Amazing Restaurants in Pompano Beach

Restaurants in Pompano

The Rusty Hook Tavern

This place has got seafood, bar food, fish tacos and more. It’s a fairly new place. It’s got some nice views of the area including the waterway.

  • Craft Brews
  • Seafood
  • American Food
  • Bar Food
The Rusty Hook Tavern
The Rusty Hook Tavern 4.0 star rating 791 reviews
Beach House Pompano
Beach House Pompano 4.0 star rating 852 reviews
The Foundry
The Foundry 4.0 star rating 591 reviews



Fish Shack
Fish Shack 4.5 star rating 663 reviews
Charlie's Fish Fry
Charlie's Fish Fry 4.0 star rating 218 reviews
Pop's Fish Market
Pop's Fish Market 4.5 star rating 161 reviews

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