Original Milk Chocolate Snappers

How to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels

If you don’t have time to make chocolate covered pretzels, you can buy Original Milk Chocolate Snappers online or at a nearby store. But for those who have the time read on below for how to make chocolate covered pretzels.


Take your melting chocolate 1/2 a bag at a time melt in microwave for 45-60 sec (do not over heat)Pour thawed chocolate into mold and mildew (do not over fill)Pour some on a paper plateRoll end of pretzel on plate prior to putting in mold and mildew Then roll pretzel in mold and mildew and also collection inPut pretzels in mold and mildew in the refrigerator (concerning an Hour)When chocolate is difficult very carefully lift pretzels out of moldCut off any kind of excess chocolate with knifeIf you want to position any kind of kind of candy decor on top of pretzel also use left over melted chocolate as adhesive (you may have to reheat)If including style you have to rate back in fridge to set once again, when chocolate under decal appears hard they are done.

Then place bags over chocolate covered end and also tie bow. Store in fridge until use. Repeat as required.

Chocolate covered pretzels make a great party support. Youngsters and grownups enjoy the taste of salty and also wonderful with each other. They are very easy to earn as well as you could begin preparing them a long time before the event you are utilizing them for. They will remain fresh in your refrigerator. You can discover molds at different celebration stores for many celebrations. Such as baptisms, birthday celebrations, baby showers as well as vacations like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Additionally to clothe them up extra you can make use of the sugar sweet cake stickers and place them on utilizing dissolved chocolate also. As soon as you have actually made them a number of times you can conveniently become a specialist.