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Opened in 1934 so as to connect the city of Tampa, Florida with the city Clearwater, the Courtney Campbell Causeway is under ten miles long. Many people ask are there Courtney Campbell Causeway Restaurants? Given its closeness in the Gulf of Mexico, the restaurants situated on this section of the road features several sea food dishes such as sauteed salmon, jumbo shrimp platters, and ahi tuna hamburger, but filet mignon and poultry and pasta dishes are also available. Featuring both some other patio for the guests and an indoor circular dining area with linen covered tables, the Aquaknox sea food restaurant provides a number of sea food specialties.

Included are a grilled Atlantic fresh salmon platter organized with salsa verde and served with yellow pepper coulis roasted tomato salad. Meat fans may order a filet mignon dinner which has steak organized with Canadian bacon and served with madeira mustard sauce. The ahi tuna burger comes along with fresh cucumber and is served with Fries. In summertime 2010, dinner entree costs were in the $22 to $35 range. Courtney Campbell Causeway Aquaknox 7627 Tampa, FL 3360 7 813-675-8700 aquaknox. Bar and Grill NET Whiskey Joe is fitted with a backyard patio area, a large bar section, and a sports bar prepared with 14 flat screen TV sets.

One of its specialty items is the po boy grouper sandwich that’s served on a split baked Cuban bread. The beer battered fish and chips dinner is served with Fries and the restaurant’s signature dipping sauces. The black and bleu burger functions melted bleu cheese, spicy Cajun seasonings, and caramelization onions. Flatbread pizzas from the lunch menu features pepperoni toppings, poultry toppings, and barbecued pork toppings. In summertime 2010, dinner entree costs were in the $8 to $15 selection. Whiskey Joe’s Bar & Grill 7720 W.Courtney Campbell Causeway Tampa, FL 3360 7 813-281-0770 whiskeyjoestampa.com First publicly accessible by creators Bill and Delores Loder in the 80’s, Crabby Bill’s Seafood functions casual dining areas and menus focusing on a wide range of fish recipes.

Located in the best western waterfront section ignoring the sea, its menu items include the surf and turf platter, served with middle cut filet mignon and sugarcane shrimp. The jumbo Caribbean lobster tail dinner comes along with an one pound broiled rock lobster basted in garlic butter and served with steamed broccoli and lemon slice. The breaded calamari platter is served with fresh bowl of hot marinara sauce. In summertime 2001, dinner entree costs were in the $12 to $25 selection. Crabby Bill’s Seafood 7700 Kortni Kempbell Causeway Tampa, FL 3360 7 813-281-0937 crabbybills.com.

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