Snapper Fish Information and News

Red snapper are long-lived, reef fish that are distributed in the Gulf of Mexico. They can live to be 50 years plus. Older, larger females contribute far more eggs than younger females. Generally 16 inches is the minimum length to be taken. The limit is 2 per day. Be sure to check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation website before fishing.



Snapper Fish News

Fish – A Must In Caribbean Cuisine

Snapper fish, (which is a favorite among Caribbean nationals), butter fish, King fish, goat fish or Doctor fish are usually enjoyed steamed or stewed. Doctor fish is mostly steamed). When steamed, they are served with ground provisions or with rice and

Huge cubera snapper fish may top Alabama list but leaves Texas record untouched

An Alabama man who set out to enjoy an end-of-summer fishing trip with his two sons and their friends ended up snagging a cubera snapper that looks like a record breaker. LaDon Swann, who lives between Mobile and Dauphin Island, said it would be …

Snappers Fish & Chicken Will Replace Nicky’s Drive-Thru in Morgan Park

When the dust settles, Maali plans to open Snappers Fish & Chicken — a family owned restaurant that borrows much of its concept from a successful chain in Miami. “Its top seller is a whole snapper fish,” said Maali, adding that both grilled and fried

FWC Shares Proposed Changes to Red Snapper Season

“I have been there when there was no Red Snapper fish…none,” one gentleman attending the meeting said. Now, fishermen along with the FWC, say it’s clear overfishing is no longer an issue. “The limits that are being set by the State and the Federal

Snapper Fish Recipes

Carribean recipes are some of the best for snapper fish. Recipes for snapper from the Carribean area are generally spicy but allow the full flavor of the fish to come through. Here is a video of one of the more popular recipes for snapper.

For those who like to read here is another snapper fish recipe.