What Are the Best Restaurants in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach is a very popular tourist destination and one of the hot spots in the United States for fine dining. It is one of those southern destinations that have evolved as a hot spot for dining. What many people do not know is that Miami Beach is also a culinary mecca. And, there are some of the best restaurants in miami beach to dine at. Here are some of the best rated restaurants in south beach that you might want to try out.

Village Aruba – This is one of the most popular restaurants in Miami beach. It is a Cuban inspired restaurant where you will get authentic homemade meals that will astound you with their flavors. You can also order here their home made steaks. You can get a special package deal where you can get an all-inclusive meal or just the food itself.

The Crab and Lobster Joint – If you love lobster then you must try the crab and lobster joint on south pointe. The fresh, organic lobster is made in a large scale from the streets outside the village. The food is made by small family cooks who create a high quality dish using the freshest ingredients available. They have an ever changing seasonal menu which changes regularly. In addition, you will find a variety of international dishes to go with your seafood fix.

The Crab and Lobster Joint – This is located on south beach near downtown. They offer you a unique, local flavor which you won’t find at other restaurants in miami. Their red and white lobster is fresh and their steaks are melt in your mouth. Their specialty is their famous seafood gumbo which is made daily. If you don’t like their gumbo, you can order another dish which they offer for that special occasion.

Roxy Mexican Food – This restaurant is located on 15th Street between Ocean and Dixie streets. Roxy offers the best restaurants in Miami Beach in a convenient atmosphere. Their large and inviting dining room offers you a variety of different entrees such as their traditional Latin American food or their seafood products.

La Romana – This restaurant is located on 11th Avenue just a block away from the Ocean drive. This is a great place to eat with your family if you are just visiting Miami Beach. La Romana serves you with some of the best seafood in Miami beach area. There are many entrees that you can choose from such as their seafood dish which is cooked using a white sauce with clams and crab meat. If you are not interested in seafood you can also find other dishes such as their fish or chicken entrees that are also good.

Bill Wong’s South Beach Grill – This restaurant is another one of the best restaurants in Miami beach. This restaurant is a little different than the rest because it offers you authentic Caribbean foods that is made by top chefs. Some of the entrees that you can have here are crab cakes, goat curry, mangoes, and fried plantains. The prices of these entrees are very affordable especially if you order it during weekdays.

If you want to find the best restaurants in Miami Beach for your special occasion you need to look for a reliable source like Yelp. This is a review website that can help you find the best restaurants in a certain area. You can read reviews from other travelers who have tasted the food at the place and if you love it you can leave a review and share your experiences there. Restaurants on Yelp have higher ratings so you can trust those restaurants that have a good rating. This is a great way to be able to make an informed decision when eating out at a place.

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