Restaurants For Baby Showers In Miami

A baby shower must be as special as the new family it remembers. Nowadays a baby shower guest list may well be co-ed, including male members of the family, or couples shower with friends. The restaurant makes a perfect place for a shower, frequently handling food, bar and even a decor. The sunny beauty of Miami lends itself to an event environment, and many Miami restaurants have space to throw a memorable shower. Pericone’s Marketplace and Cafe is an oasis amid the bustle of Miami. The restaurant is close to many downtown hotels, making it convenient for out of town guests.

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A lunch or dinner shower with the women or family will work well in this website. Perricone’s is an Italian bistro with a modern twist, featuring items like salads, sea food and fresh, handmade pasta dishes. Designed like a tropics resort, with a lush vegetation, forming an arch over the garden entry path, as well as through the restaurant, Perricone’s offers superbly landscaped backdrops for baby showers, in its pavilion or its gazebo. Menus can be found for lunch or dinner event, offering appetizers, entries, desserts and some non alcohol. Desserts can also be brought in, which some guests choose for so as to possess a cake.

Marketplace and cafes Perricone 15 SE 10th St. Miami, FL 3313 1 305-374-9449 La Palma Ristorante is based in the Mediterranean style La Palma creating in Coral Gables, less than 10 minutes down the shore from downtown Miami. The building goes back to 1924, with its roots as a hotel, which adds to the charm of the restaurant. The courtyard of La Palma, with its masking of trees, is picture perfect place for a shaded, outdoor baby shower. An event planner may design a lunch, dinner or brunch menu, the latter including an omelette bar as well as other items cooked to order.

Lunch or dinner party menu may feature items like risotto, steak or chicken. Showers can also take place inside the dining room. A work shower with co-workers will be a big hit at La Palma. La Palma Ristorante 116 Alhambra Circle Coral Gables, FL 3313 4 305-445-8777 A Fish Called Avalon is directly across from Miami boardwalk and beach, in the Avalon Hotel. The environment of the hotel and restaurant lends itself to celebration, this will be a nice place for co-ed shower with friends. Live music is played nightly on the hotel front porch, an ideal greeting for guests.

An event planner may work to design a menu to fit the occasion, offering a wide range of meals that may all be customized. The name here doesn’t disappoint, from Mahi to shrimp or lobster. But for all those avoiding shellfish, like mommy-to-be, the menu is diverse and contains choices like beef or pork. All event menus also includes appetizers, salads and sweets. A fish called Avalon 700 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 3313 9 305-532-1727