Snappers Locations

Snappers Locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Snappers Locations – We’re big fans of Snappers Fish & Chicken. But we are not the restaurant and we’re not affiliated with them. We’re just sharing this information because we like their food. We have a lot great memories eating at Snappers Locations.

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Snappers Locations

Snappers Fish and Chicken Restaurant is a local favorite for seafood lovers. The restaurant has a wide variety of fish, chicken, and shrimp dishes to choose from. All of the food is cooked fresh and served piping hot. The restaurant is also family-friendly, perfect for any group outing.


Fort Lauderdale

There are about 7 or so Snappers locations in the Miami area. Generally you’ll find a similar level of service. Also the hours in all the locations are about the same.

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Snappers Menu

The menu is also the same in all the locations as well. You’ll get the same fried catfish, fried conch, fried chicken and other sides that you’ve enjoyed in the other restaurants. If you’re walking around the Miami area Snappers is great place for a quick eat that won’t break your wallet. If you’ve got more than two people to feed, then it’s a great bargain place for families. It’s fairly close to beach in case you want to take your food out to the beach and enjoy the ocean.