Fried Chicken. Fried Fish. Fried Snapper.

We’re people who love going to the beach in Florida. All that fun on the beach makes us hungry and thirsty and so we love going to restaurants, bars and snack shacks in Florida.

This is a fan site and we want to share our recommendations on food, bars and restaurants in Florida.  We do make money when you click on a link or product that we recommend and you buy the product.

We’re here to help you find the best local food in Florida. We love Florida and we hope we can help you enjoy Florida as much as we do. We are not affiliated with any of the brands or company names we mention. The restaurant names are all registered trademarks. We are fans of the food and restaurants we recommend.

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Brandi loves South Florida food! She also loves food in Orlando or "O Town" as we call it in Florida. Orlando has many many places to eat and Brandi will try them all.