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We are a fan site for Florida food like Snappers and all other kinds including Cuban Food but we are not the restaurant and we are not affiliated with them. So please Click here to locate a restaurant.   Looking for red snapper? Then go here. We love, love Florida food including food from Seafood Near Me, and other places and restaurants. One of our favorite restaurants is Snappers Fish & Chicken and it’s a great place to eat. Snappers Fish Chicken! Where can you find Snappers? Need to find their address? Here are their restaurants and each has an address below. They are a great place for fried conch and jumbo shrimp. Click for a Google Map. Or click on a Yelp link below. Snapper Fish are tasty! They have great service and they are delicious restaurant for meals. Snappers Fish Chicken is the place people!

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Snappers Fish Chicken Restaurant Locations

RestaurantAddress and MapHours
Snappers Fish & Chicken9610 SW 160th St Miami FL 331577AM–11:30PM
Snappers Fish & Chicken5330 NW 17th Ave Miami FL 331427AM–11:30PM
Snappers Fish & Chicken8995 NW 7th Ave Miami FL 331507AM–11:30PM
Snappers Fish and Chicken 4037 NW 19 Street Fort Lauderdale FL 333137AM–11:30PM
Snappers On Sunrise Blvd2750 W Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale FL 333117AM–11:30PM
Snapper’s Restaurant4243 W Commercial Blvd Tamarac FL 333197AM–11:30PM
Snappers Seventh Ave18312 NW 7th Ave Miami FL 331697AM–12:30PM

What’s so great about South Florida food restaurants? It’s got an infusion of food and spices from the Southeastern United States, Latin America, Cuba and Caribbean. This may sound like too much but it’s not. It’s just a lot of awesome food waiting for you to enjoy. Let’s get started with Fried Chicken and then jumbo shrimp. Snappers Fish Chicken does these in a delicious way!

If you live in the South or if you’re just visiting, eating fried chicken is a must. You gotta do it. Because there’s nothing tastier when you’re out having fun, drinking with friends or partying at the beach. We’ve lived in the South and searched everywhere for some of the best most tantalizing fried chicken restaurants. We can’t find ’em all but we tried and this is where we share our fried chicken restaurants with you.

They keep pretty long hours. Their hours are from the morning until 11:00 PM or so. This is a lot of hours. We really appreciate the hours they keep.

Fried Chicken

What’s so great about Florida Fried Chicken and Florida food?

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  • Fried chicken is a lifestyle here. Everybody eats and loves it so you know you are getting some of the best chicken in the USA.
  • Different family recipes are used at the restaurants.
  • Fried chicken is a great picnic food and Florida beaches are super picnic places.
  • The batter on fried chicken in Florida is a wide variety of tastes. Some spices are added to the batter before frying and in some cases the spices are added after. Each of the restaurants has a different way.
  • You can also fried chicken nuggets. Nuggets are tasty. Try the nuggets next time you’re near their address.


Snappers Fish & Chicken restaurants is one of our favorites. It’s been around a long while now. Some people know the restaurants as a fried fish and seafood place. And that’s all true. They got seafood. They also have fried conch. They have a quite a few items. So Snappers restaurants are great to try any of Florida’s fried food. You’ll generally find Snappers restaurants at their address in the Miami area, Miami Beach and North Miami. They’re fast, friendly and a great deal. They have good service. Next time you visit Miami be sure to stop in at a Snappers and we show their address above. Here’s a great review on Snappers.

What’s on the menu at Snappers?

They have a lot of items on the menu. They got seafood menu with jumbo shrimp. Chicken wings, chicken tenders and chicken nuggets are some of what they offer. You can also get wings with a fish order. You’ll also find fried conch and hush puppies on the menu.

Just check this page. There are ten locations and here are the Miami address right below.

Miami Address
8995 NW. 7th Ave. Miami, FL. 33150
Tel : 305-758-4484

5330 NW 17 Ave. Miami, FL. 33142
Tel : 305-691-8540

17990 NW 27TH Ave. MIAMI, FL. 33056
Tel : 305-621-8570

9610 SW 160TH St. MIAMI, FL. 33157
Tel : 305-254-0772

What else is there at Snappers besides fried chicken?

Red Snapper
Snapper is what this place is known for. One of things we really miss about Florida is Red Snapper because it’s delicious! Snappers restaurants hooks us up fast with fried red snapper when the fish is in season. Snapper fixes red snapper for you in several different ways. If you really want to go over the top and 20 pieces for a party or for yourself you can do it. Or you can get smaller portions. You can learn more about Snapper Fish here.

This Tilapia fish is typically farm raised in the South or Colombia and you’ll find it almost everywhere. When it’s fried it’s totally awesome and Snappers restaurants serves this. Try the tilapia when you’re near their address. They are a good eat.

Catfish is also farm raised in the South. Usually a fish farm will feed grain to the catfish. This makes the catfish taste yummy and when you fry them like Snappers that sweet grainy goodness comes through the crunchy fried outside of the catfish. If you’ve never had catfish you’ll want to try them and Snappers restaurants is a great place and go to their address for a good eat.

Conch is something we have not had before but we will give this a try. If you love conch this is the place to go we hear. Most of the restaurants serve this.

Jumbo shrimp
These are so good!

If you’re looking for other restaurants near me click here. One place we like is Cheddars and here is the Cheddars Menu. Here is where you can find a cheddars near me. Another place we like is the Yard House Menu. And if you’re looking for Carribean food we like Bahama Breeze Menu. Caribbean food is great! Give some Caribbean food a try.

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