Kosher Restaurants Miami

Kosher Restaurants Miami

Zak The Baker


Address: 405 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127

Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday from 7am to 5pm, Friday from 7am to 3pm

Menu Items: Shakshuka, Avocado Toast, Challah French Toast, Smoked Salmon Bagel, Beet Salad

26 Sushi & Tapas


Address: 9487 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL 33154

Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 10pm, Friday from 12pm to 3pm, Saturday from 9pm to 12am

Menu Items: Sushi Rolls, Tuna Tataki, Beef Empanadas, Grilled Octopus, Paella

Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktail


Address: 2239 SW 19th Ave, Miami, FL 33145

Hours: Open Sunday to Thursday from 5pm to 10pm, Friday from 12pm to 2:30pm, Saturday from 9pm to 12am

Menu Items: Lamb Chops, Chicken Wings, Falafel, Brisket Sliders, Grilled Salmon

Fuego by Mana


Address: 3585 NE 207th St, Aventura, FL 33180

More Kosher Restaurants in Miami

ArtisanKO221 NE 29th St, Miami, FL 33137
Bagel Time Cafe & Bronzino 3915 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Brickell Kosher Deli35 SE 9th St 2nd floor, Miami, FL 33131
DELICIA KOSHER330 NE 59th St, Miami, FL 33137
Dixie BBQ Kosher Restaurant18798 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33180
Fuego by Mana3861 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160
Hadekel2500 NE 186th St, Miami, FL 33180
Kikar Tel-Aviv5005 Collins Ave C-1, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Miro'sMiami, FL 33174
Rustiko9476 Harding Ave, Surfside, FL 33154

Kosher Restaurants Miami – If you love the taste of kosher food and want to try some great restaurants that serve kosher dishes, then Miami is the place for you. Here’s why: there are tons of places to eat kosher in this city, and they are all delicious. You’re sure to find a new favorite spot on this list. Kosher food is an acquired taste, but if you’re willing to give it a try, you are going to love it. It might sound strange considering how much we rely on non-kosher food in our modern society and culture, but when those restrictions go away, people have a lot more room for the things they really enjoy eating (and drinking). So don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more kosher restaurants pop up around town. Here are some of the best places to eat kosher in Miami.

Kosher Restaurants in Miami That You Won’t Want to Miss


Bagel Time Cafe & Bronzino

Brickell Kosher Deli


Dixie BBQ Kosher Restaurant

Fuego by Mana


Kikar Tel-Aviv



Joe’s Kosher Deli

Joe’s Kosher Deli is located in the Miami Beach area, which is a perfect location for many reasons. It’s close to South Beach and has a variety of dining options nearby. This kosher deli offers great food, at a great price, and with plenty of parking available. But don’t worry, Joe’s Kosher Deli also welcomes non-kosher guests as well. They have a wide variety of appetizers and entrees that will please just about anyone who visits them.

pastrami sandwich
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Wexler’s Delicatessen

Wexler’s Delicatessen serves up delicious kosher dishes. You can enjoy their sandwiches, salads, and entrees, like their tasty pastrami. This Miami restaurant is family friendly and has a casual atmosphere that makes it easy to enjoy your meal.

Shalom Yaffee Restaurant

Shalom Yaffee is a kosher restaurant that offers an Israeli Jewish, Mediterranean-style menu. They call themselves the “jewish kebab house.” If you’re looking for a healthier option, but still want to indulge on some great kosher food, then this is the place for you. The falafel, shakshouka, and hummus plates are all delicious. The meat in this restaurant is certified by Mehadrin Kosher Supervision of America. This means it’s made and processed in accordance with Jewish law and Jewish dietary laws. You can also find a variety of organic vegetarian and vegan options on the menu if you’re interested in trying something new. The prices are really low too, which makes it easy to get some good food at a quality price point without sacrificing quality or taste. And if you’re looking for something sweet after dinner, they offer fresh baklava as well as other desserts that are perfect for sharing (or not).

Shalom Shabbat Bistro

This is a great place to try kosher food. You can’t go wrong with the grilled chicken panini and the shakshuka. The chicken salad and tomato soup are also really good. The portions are huge, so be prepared for leftovers. Another reason to come here: the service is impeccable.

Café Maté

Cafe Maté is a kosher restaurant in Miami that serves Argentinian-style cuisine. If you want to try a nice selection of grilled meats and lots of other dishes, then this is the place to go. They also serve wine from Argentina, so if you are looking for something delicious and alcohol-y, this is the place for you.

Osem Cafe and Shakes

Osem Cafe and Shakes is the perfect place to go for a quick bite. With a menu that has over 20 different choices, you are sure to find something that you love. As far as salads go, their chicken salad is a must-try. You’ll also find delicious entrees like chicken shawarma, falafel, and even an artichoke and shrimp pizza with two pieces of garlic bread. You might be wondering if Osem Cafe is kosher or not. The answer? Yes! This restaurant is 100 percent Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) so you can rest assured that they follow all of the strict rules when it comes to kosher food preparation and dishes served. Their entire menu is Kosher so there is nothing you have to worry about when eating at this restaurant.

Kosher Restaurant Fort Lauderdale – The Kosher Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is a great place to go for a delicious meal that meets all of your dietary restrictions. The restaurant has a wide variety of food options to choose from, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a full meal, the Kosher Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone.

Kosher Restaurants Hollywood FL – If you are looking for a delicious kosher meal, look no further than Hollywood, FL. There are several great kosher restaurants in the area that will tantalize your taste buds. From pizza to falafel, there is something for everyone at these establishments. So why not give them a try today?

Kosher Restaurants In North Miami Beach – If you’re looking for a delicious kosher restaurants in Miami Florida, North Miami Beach is the place to be. With a variety of restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find something to your taste. From pizza to sushi, there’s something for everyone. So next time you’re in the area, be sure to check out one of these amazing kosher restaurants. Another place is kosher restaurants aventura. Aventura kosher restaurant are listed here.

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