Best Crab Legs in Orlando

Crab Leg Restaurants in Orlando

Best Crab Legs in Orlando

Best Crab Legs in Orlando – There are a lot of restaurants in Orlando that serve crab legs, but there are also some specialty places that are known for their crab-centric menus.

Whether you want to eat your fill at a fancy steakhouse or get your hands dirty with a bucket of crabs and beers, these five restaurants have the best crab legs in Orlando:

The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab is located at the Orlando International Airport. The restaurant is open from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., but the hours are subject to change without notice.

All crab legs must be ordered in multiples of three, and can range from $18-$29 depending on what you order. The Boiling Crab serves a full menu of seafood, including salmon and shrimp, but it’s best known for its crab legs (of course). There are also Sizzle Plates that feature all-you-can eat crab legs, so if you’re looking to dine with a group or take some back home with you as an actual meal or snack, this might be worth exploring!

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is a popular seafood restaurant located on the shores of Disney Springs. The restaurant serves up some of the freshest seafood in Orlando, including crab legs and other shellfish, salmon and tuna steak.

Aside from their delicious menu items, Ocean Prime also has an extensive wine list with over 500 different options! This location is perfect for a romantic dinner or with friends.

Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-10PM; Sun 4:30PM-10PM

American Q Smokehouse and Bar

American Q Smokehouse and Bar offers one of the best crab legs in Orlando, with a wide variety of options.

The restaurant is located on International Drive between Universal Studios and SeaWorld. It’s open daily from 11:30 a.m to 11 p.m., so you can get your seafood fix any time you’re craving it!

American Q Smokehouse and Bar offers several different kinds of crab legs that are cooked in house—crab caesar salad, garlic parmesan, potato leek soup, peel-and-eat shrimp (with fries), steamed MD crabs (with fries), crawfish etouffee (with rice), loaded potatoes, Caesar salad or coleslaw ($6-$10 each). The MD crab will run you $15 per pound while the peel-and-eat shrimp costs $20 per pound—for all other varieties listed above it will cost $18 per pound.*

Seasons 52

Whether you’re in search of an upscale meal or an informal gathering with friends, you’ll find something to enjoy at Seasons 52. The chain offers a seasonal menu that changes weekly, with dishes like crab-stuffed salmon and roasted chicken breast topped with goat cheese. The selection of entrees also includes several seafood options—including the restaurant’s famous crab legs.

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a chain restaurant that is located in the Orlando area. It has a large seafood menu and can make reservations online, which makes it convenient if you plan on going with friends or family. They have a kids menu with food that’s age appropriate for children to enjoy as well as drinks for them to sip on while they wait for their entrees. If you’re looking for something unique, there are also plenty of options available at Red Lobster!

Red Lobster’s happy hour runs from 3-7 p.m., so stop by during those hours and get $0.50 oysters or shrimp cocktail, or just about any drink on the menu for $4 off. You can also take advantage of their Endless Shrimp promotion (which lasts from 4-6 p.m.) by ordering shrimp entrees like parmesan garlic shrimp scampi ($12), jumbo shrimp linguine Alfredo ($12), parmesan shrimps baked potato ($10) or grilled jumbo shrimp ($17).

There are lots of crab legs to choose from in orlando

There are so many places to choose from in Orlando! It can be hard to make a decision on where you want to go for crab legs. You want to find the best place, but sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. The trick is knowing which places have the best crab legs, and then keeping that knowledge forever so you never have a bad experience again.

The Boiling Crab has some of the best crab legs around, with lots of options for sauces and flavors if you’re looking for something interesting or if their signature garlic butter doesn’t sound like your style. Bonefish Grill also has delicious crabs as well as other seafood dishes at affordable prices that will fill up even the biggest appetites!

You could always just go directly into Red Lobster (or Outback Steakhouse) though—the worst place ever because they won’t let anyone order crab legs unless they pay an extra $6 per person who wants them–even though it’s all part of their plan: They don’t want people getting full off non-alcoholic drinks with cheap appetizers instead; those two things would keep them from making more money later when customers order alcohol during dinner hours!