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Bonefish Grill {State} – Looking for a sophisticated dining experience that celebrates the sea’s bounty? Look no further than Bonefish Grill Restaurant. This upscale seafood restaurant is known for its contemporary cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and grilled dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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Bonefish Grill Restaurant {State} – What sets Bonefish Grill Restaurant apart from other seafood restaurants is its commitment to sourcing only the freshest ingredients, resulting in dishes that burst with flavor.

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Quick Menu

  • Wood-Grilled Fish
  • Bang Bang Shrimp
  • Ahi Tuna Poke
  • Chicken Breast
  • Pork Chop
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Mahi Mahi (Dorado)
  • Chilean Sea Bass
  • Tuna Poke Bowl
  • Bacon Mac & Cheese

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a celebratory meal with friends and family, Bonefish Grill Restaurant is the perfect destination. Indulge in delectable seafood dishes and explore the flavors of contemporary cuisine at this unparalleled dining haven.

The Chef-Inspired Menu

The menu at Bonefish Grill Restaurant is a reflection of the chefs’ passion for contemporary cuisine. The dishes are crafted with an eye for detail, and every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and the most delicious taste.

  • Wood-Grilled Fish: Fresh seafood flame-grilled to perfection with choice of sauce.
  • Bang Bang Shrimp: Crispy shrimp tossed in creamy, spicy sauce for bold flavor.
  • Ahi Tuna Poke: Raw yellowfin tuna in soy ginger sauce with avocado.
  • Chicken Breast: Tender chicken breast with choice of sauce and side.
  • Pork Chop: Juicy pork chop with sweet potato mash and apple chutney.
  • Atlantic Salmon: Flaky salmon fillet with choice of sauce and side.
  • Mahi Mahi (Dorado): Firm white fish with mango salsa and lime tomato garlic sauce.
  • Chilean Sea Bass: Butter-smooth fish with pan-Asian glaze and mango salsa.
  • Tuna Poke Bowl: Ahi tuna, avocado, and cucumber over rice with soy sauce.
  • Bacon Mac & Cheese: Creamy mac and cheese with crispy bacon and green onions.

With a focus on seafood, the menu features an array of dishes that showcase the best of the ocean’s bounty. From succulent lobster tails to tender grilled fish, every dish is prepared with the utmost care.

But the menu isn’t just limited to seafood. It also offers a variety of other dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. From mouthwatering steaks to flavorful pastas, there is something for everyone at Bonefish Grill Restaurant.

“Starters & Sharing” Menu

Bang Bang Shrimp®Crispy shrimp tossed in our signature creamy, spicy sauce
Ahi Tuna PokeRed onions, peppers, cucumbers, and cilantro tossed in a Hawaiian poke sauce
Tempura Crunch Sashimi Tuna*Sushi-grade tuna seared rare and sliced, with sashimi sauce and tempura crumbles. Served with wasabi, soy sauce, and a sriracha drizzle
Imperial DipDelicious blend of seafood with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, served with seasoned house-made tortilla chips
Maryland Style Crab CakesHouse-made lump crab cakes with red rémoulade sauce
CalamariFried with peppers and served with sweet, spicy Asian sauce
Mussels JosephineTomatoes, red onion, garlic, basil, and lemon wine sauce
Beef & Ginger PotstickersTopped with green onions and soy sauce
Crab-Topped Bang FriesCrisp, seasoned fries topped with lump crab and drizzled with Bang Bang Shrimp® sauce

Soup & Greens Menu

Corn Chowder & Lump CrabChowder with a hint of bacon
Bonefish House SaladHearts of palm, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, pepitas, and citrus herb vinaigrette – as an entrée with wood-grilled chicken
Classic Caesar SaladCrisp romaine and garlic croutons – as an entrée with wood-grilled chicken
Florida Cobb SaladCrisp chopped greens with mango, tomato, Blue cheese crumbles, and pepitas, tossed in our citrus-herb vinaigrette with wood-grilled chicken
Apple Harvest Spinach SaladFresh baby spinach mix, tossed in a maple cranberry vinaigrette with goat cheese crumbles, bacon, cranberries, and diced red delicious apples with wood-grilled chicken

From the Wood-Fired Grill

Atlantic Salmon*Mild and moist, Salmon has a buttery texture
Mahi Mahi (Dorado)Mild, sweet flavor, the lean meat is fairly firm in texture with large moist flakes
Chilean Sea BassThis rich, melt-in-your-mouth fish is tender, buttery and moist with large, thick flakes
Scallops & Shrimp Skewer
Rainbow TroutDelicate in flavor, this Idaho Trout has a tender, flaky texture
Chicken Breast
Pork Tenderloin*
Signature SaucesChoose from signature sauces: Lemon-Caper Butter, Mango Salsa, Lemon Butter, Chimichurri, Pan Asian

Happy Hour Specials at Bonefish Grill Restaurant

Looking for the perfect place to unwind after a long day? Look no further than Bonefish Grill Restaurant, where our happy hour specials are sure to put a smile on your face. Join us for a relaxing evening of fine dining and delightful drinks.

Discounted Prices on Select Drinks

During happy hour at Bonefish Grill Restaurant, you can enjoy discounted prices on a range of select drinks. From handcrafted cocktails to draft beers and wine, we have something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on our crowd favorites like the famous Bonefish Martini or a refreshing glass of white wine. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a drink that satisfies your cravings.

Delectable Appetizers

No happy hour is complete without some delicious appetizers to satisfy your hunger. At Bonefish Grill Restaurant, we have a range of crowd favorites that are sure to leave you wanting more.

Indulge in our famous Bang Bang Shrimp, crispy Calamari, or savory Ahi Tuna Poke. Our selection of appetizers perfectly complements our drinks, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Relaxed Atmosphere

When looking for a fine or upscale dining experience, Bonefish Grill Restaurant is the perfect venue. Their relaxed atmosphere offers a space where diners can enjoy their meal and unwind. Whether celebrating a special occasion or having a casual night out, Bonefish Grill Restaurant provides the perfect setting to create memorable dining experiences.

Their friendly staff is always attentive, ensuring that every guest has a seamless dining experience. From the moment diners step into the restaurant, they are greeted with warmth and hospitality. The staff’s attention to detail is evident in the service they provide, making sure that guests feel valued and comfortable throughout their meal.

The restaurant’s interior design is elegant yet comfortable, creating a blend of sophistication and relaxation. The cozy lighting and décor add to the ambiance and make it easy to sink into the dining experience.

Bonefish Grill Restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere is perfect for those who want to wind down after a long day at work, celebrate a special occasion, or enjoy a night out with friends or loved ones.

Fresh Ingredients, Exceptional Taste

Quality is the top priority at Bonefish Grill Restaurant. The chefs pride themselves on using only the freshest seafood and ingredients to create the most delicious contemporary cuisine. Each dish is crafted with care to ensure the flavors are exceptional, making every bite truly unforgettable.

The restaurant’s philosophy is that the food tastes better when it’s made with fresh ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. By supporting local suppliers, the restaurant is not only contributing to the community but also providing its guests with the best quality seafood and contemporary cuisine.

Locally Sourced Seafood

Bonefish Grill Restaurant sources its seafood from local suppliers, ensuring that only the freshest and most sustainable seafood is served. By doing this, the restaurant can offer its guests the best quality seafood and support the local fishing industry at the same time.

The restaurant’s menu features a wide selection of fresh seafood, including succulent shrimp, grilled fish, indulgent lobster, and crab. And, with its focus on contemporary cuisine, the chefs incorporate innovative cooking techniques to enhance the flavors and create dishes that are unmatched.

Contemporary Cuisine

Bonefish Grill Restaurant’s contemporary cuisine is inspired by the most innovative cooking techniques and the freshest ingredients. Each dish is masterfully cooked to bring out its unique flavors, creating a culinary journey for the guests’ taste buds.

The menu features a combination of classic dishes with a modern twist and new, innovative creations. The chefs use a variety of cooking techniques to enhance the flavors of each dish, such as grilling, searing, and poaching, resulting in an unforgettable dining experience.

At Bonefish Grill Restaurant, guests can expect only the best quality seafood and contemporary cuisine, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s commitment to quality is apparent in every dish, making it a must-visit for any seafood lover and food connoisseur.

Wine and Spirits Selection

Enhance your fine dining experience at Bonefish Grill Restaurant with our carefully curated wine and spirits selection. Our expert mixologists and sommeliers have carefully chosen each item on our beverage menu to perfectly complement the bold flavors of our contemporary cuisine.

Indulge in our selection of crisp white wines, robust reds, and refreshing rosés, or opt for one of our expertly crafted cocktails made with the freshest ingredients. No matter your preference, our beverage selection is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Signature Cocktails

Our signature cocktails are crafted with a blend of creativity and precision, making them the perfect accompaniment to your dining experience. Try the famous Ocean Trust Topsy Turvy, a refreshing blend of Absolut vodka, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, fresh mint, lime juice, and soda water. Or, indulge in the Bonefish Martini, made with Stoli vodka and bleu cheese-stuffed olives.

Wine Selection

Our wine list features a diverse selection of wines from around the world, each chosen to perfectly complement our contemporary cuisine. Sip on a glass of Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast, or enjoy a bold Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Our knowledgeable sommeliers are happy to help you choose the perfect pairing for your meal.

Beer Selection

If you’re in the mood for a cold beer, we offer a selection of local and imported craft brews to satisfy everyone’s taste. Enjoy a pint of a crisp lager or an amber ale while indulging in our fresh seafood delights.

At Bonefish Grill Restaurant, we believe that exceptional dining should be paired with exceptional beverages. Visit us today to explore our wine and spirits selection and indulge in the ultimate fine dining experience.

Exceptional Service at Bonefish Grill Restaurant

At Bonefish Grill Restaurant, dining is an experience that combines fine and upscale dining in a comfortable and welcoming environment. But what sets this restaurant apart is its exceptional service, which ensures that every guest feels like royalty from beginning to end.

The attentive staff at Bonefish Grill Restaurant are passionate about providing the highest level of customer service. Whether it’s recommending a dish, offering a wine pairing, or simply ensuring that guests have everything they need, the team goes above and beyond to create a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant’s commitment to impeccable service starts from the moment guests walk through the door. Warmly greeted by the host, guests are promptly seated and offered a menu, and the attentive service continues throughout the meal. Servers are knowledgeable about the menu and happy to answer any questions, while also being attentive to the needs of the guests. Water glasses are never left empty, and dishes are cleared promptly, ensuring that guests can fully immerse themselves in the dining experience.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, exceptional service is a key ingredient of the unforgettable dining experience offered at Bonefish Grill Restaurant.

Don’t take our word for it – come experience the exceptional service at Bonefish Grill Restaurant for yourself!

Private Dining Options

For those seeking to host special events, Bonefish Grill Restaurant offers private dining options.

Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a romantic dinner, the restaurant’s private dining rooms provide a luxurious and intimate atmosphere for guests to enjoy. With an emphasis on fine dining and contemporary cuisine, the dishes are tailor-made to suit the occasion while maintaining the restaurant’s upscale dining experience.

The dedicated private dining team ensures that the event is planned to perfection, creating a customized menu with locally sourced ingredients that cater to guests’ preferences. The team also provides exceptional service, ensuring that every guest’s needs are met and exceeded.


What type of cuisine does Bonefish Grill Restaurant serve?

Bonefish Grill Restaurant serves contemporary cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood dishes.

What makes Bonefish Grill Restaurant unique?

Bonefish Grill Restaurant stands out for its chef-inspired menu, upscale dining experience, and exceptional service.

Does Bonefish Grill Restaurant offer vegetarian or vegan options?

While Bonefish Grill Restaurant primarily specializes in seafood, they do offer vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate various dietary preferences.

Can I make reservations at Bonefish Grill Restaurant?

Yes, Bonefish Grill Restaurant accepts reservations. You can make a reservation through their website or by contacting the restaurant directly.

Does Bonefish Grill Restaurant have a happy hour?

Yes, Bonefish Grill Restaurant offers happy hour specials on select drinks and appetizers. It’s the perfect time to unwind and enjoy discounted prices.

Are there private dining options available at Bonefish Grill Restaurant?

Yes, Bonefish Grill Restaurant offers private dining options for special occasions or intimate gatherings. Their dedicated team will ensure a memorable experience tailored to your needs.

Where does Bonefish Grill Restaurant source its ingredients?

Bonefish Grill Restaurant takes pride in sourcing fresh seafood and ingredients from local suppliers, supporting local communities and promoting responsible dining practices.

Can I bring my own wine to Bonefish Grill Restaurant?

Bonefish Grill Restaurant has a carefully curated wine and spirits selection to enhance your dining experience. Outside wine is not allowed, but their selection is sure to impress.

Is Bonefish Grill Restaurant suitable for special occasions?

Yes, Bonefish Grill Restaurant is an excellent choice for special occasions. Their elegant ambiance, exceptional service, and award-winning culinary excellence make celebrations unforgettable.

What are the signature dishes at Bonefish Grill Restaurant?

Bonefish Grill Restaurant is known for its signature dishes such as the famous Bang Bang Shrimp and savory Chilean Sea Bass, which are bursting with flavor and crafted to perfection.

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