Best Burgers in Miami



Tired of the same old burgers? Miami has a lot more to offer than just Cuban food and South Beach clubs. With so many chefs experimenting with new ingredients and flavors, there are plenty of mouthwatering options for you to sink your teeth into. Here are some of the best burgers in Miami:

1. No Name Chinese Restaurant

  • No Name Chinese Restaurant
  • Miami, FL 33134
  • 305-374-9888

This little hideaway is located in the heart of Wynwood. Their menu includes burgers and sandwiches, salads, soups and appetizers. The prices range from $10 to $25. There are vegetarian options as well as gluten free items on the menu. The restaurant is open 7 days a week 11am to 11pm.


2. Pincho Factory

Pincho Factory is located at 1450 South Miami Ave., just a few blocks from the University of Miami. If you ever find yourself in Coral Gables and want a great burger, this is your spot.

Pincho Factory’s menu features a variety of burgers that get high reviews from both locals and visitors alike. The two most popular burgers are the Pincho Burger (topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes) and the Macho Burger (topped with pepper jack cheese, onion rings and spicy sauce). Both are delicious options if you’re looking for something adventurous to try on your next trip to Miami!

The atmosphere at this restaurant is casual—you can order at the counter or sit down at one of their tables or booths if you’d prefer not to stand up while eating your meal. Service is quick as well; it won’t take long before you’re enjoying one of their delicious burgers!

One thing we really liked about Pincho Factory was how clean everything looked: from the floors to their menus themselves—everything looked brand new! Not only does this make customers feel more comfortable dining here but it also helps them maintain good hygiene standards too…something that’s super important when running a food establishment like theirs because it means less risk when handling raw meat products like ground chuck patties which could potentially cause salmonella poisoning if handled improperly.”

3. Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue

Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue is a roadside barbecue joint in Miami, Florida. They are known for their burgers, pulled pork and ribs.

Sparky’s has an extensive menu of American classics (although they do have a few unique items). Some of the best items on the menu include:

Burgers – available as sliders or regular-sized burgers; all are made with 100% Angus beef from Niman Ranch and served on brioche buns from La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles; you can choose from chicken breast, veggie burger or turkey patty for your burger

Pulled Pork Sandwich – slow roasted shredded pork topped with crispy fried onions and coleslaw served on a brioche bun from La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles

4. TXMX Taco & Burger Bar

TXMX Taco & Burger Bar is located in the Brickell area of Miami, just a short walk from the financial district. This Mexican restaurant and bar is popular with locals who want to grab a bite to eat after work or on the weekends. The menu offers traditional Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos and enchiladas, but also features burgers made with Angus beef as well as lobster tacos and lobster quesadillas.

TXMX Taco & Burger Bar has been open since 2018 and has been featured on numerous food blogs including Eater Miami and for its signature burger which is topped with bacon, avocado crema sauce, cheddar cheese and crispy onions served on a brioche bun that was handcrafted by local bakers at Breadsmiths Bakery in Coral Gables.

5. Humpback Burger The Burger Joint

Humpback Burger is a burger bar located in the Wynwood Art District. It’s popular with locals, who come here for the tasty burgers and casual atmosphere. The restaurant is open from 11:30AM to 11:30PM, seven days a week.

The menu at Humpback Burger is simple: choose your burger, add some toppings (like bacon or avocado), then get ready to dig into one of their many delicious options! There are also some sides available if you’re looking for something fun to complement your meal—I recommend trying the mac ‘n cheese bites!

You’ll be able to tell by looking at them that these hamburgers are crafted with care—this isn’t fast food by any means! This place takes pride in serving quality food made from fresh ingredients.

6. Le Tub Saloon

Le Tub Saloon is a great place to go for a burger. They have a great selection of beers, and the service is great. The food is also really good. You can get your burger cooked to order, which means it will be fresh and delicious! And if you’re not into burgers, they have other options such as tacos and wings on the menu too!

If you’re looking for an enjoyable dining experience with friends or family over some juicy beef patties then Le Tub Saloon should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

7. La Camaronera Fish Market & Restaurant

La Camaronera Fish Market & Restaurant

La Camaronera Fish Market & Restaurant is a seafood restaurant located in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. It is known for its ceviche and fish tacos.

8. The Local Craft Food & Drink

The Local Craft Food & Drink is a great place to get a burger. They have a wonderful selection of craft beer and wine, as well as an awesome atmosphere. Plus, they have some great burgers (and salads and sandwiches).

9. American Social Brickell

American Social Brickell is located in the Brickell area of Miami, which is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy some of the best burgers in town.

The American Social menu offers an extensive selection of burgers that are sure to please anyone’s taste buds. They offer everything from classic beef or turkey options, to more exotic gourmet creations like their spicy buffalo patty topped with bleu cheese dressing, fried onions, jalapeños and honey mustard sauce. If you’re craving something different than meat, they also have vegetarian options like grilled portobello mushrooms on focaccia bread with goat cheese spread and roasted red peppers. No matter what type of burger you want whether it’s healthy or decadent—you’ll find it here!

American Social Brickell has great atmosphere as well; it features beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Biscayne Bay so you can watch boats go by while enjoying your meal (or cocktail!). The restaurant itself has two floors: ground floor entrance where diners sit at tables; upper level bar area where patrons can enjoy drinks while watching sports games on TV screens throughout both floors.,

10. La Moon Restaurant Bar Takeaway: All of these burgers are to die for!

La Moon Restaurant Bar Takeaway is located at 535 Lincoln Road and serves an array of delicious burgers. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, but it’s also very classy and elegant. There are plenty of tables to sit at, so there aren’t any long waits for food — even if the line is long!

For those who want something truly special, try their Kobe beef burger with truffle fries or their grilled chicken sandwich with fresh vegetables on top. But if you’re looking for something more traditional: they have a great patty melt as well!

If you’re looking for someplace that has great options for every type of eater (vegetarian? paleo? vegan?), then this place will hit your spot! It’s located right in South Beach so it’s perfect if you want to grab lunch before hitting up some shops down south end zone street


Well, that’s all we have for you today! We hope you enjoyed our list of the best burgers in Miami and found some great new places to try out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.