Clematis Street Restaurants

Clematis Street is a main thoroughfare that runs north-south through the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida. The street’s namesake plant, clematis, grows on a trellis that runs down the center of the road and lends its name to this colorful stretch. The area is known for its many restaurants and bars, which draw locals and tourists alike. Here are some of our favorites:

Avocado Grill

Avocado Grill is a local restaurant in West Palm Beach that serves the best avocado toast, avocado egg rolls and avocado smoothie in town. It also has the best avocado milkshake, tacos and fries. A favorite dish is their burger topped with avocados.

Best Avocado Toast: Avocado Grill

Best Avocado Egg Rolls: Avocado Grill

Best Smoothie: Avocado Grill

Best Tacos: Avocado Grill

Best Fries: Avocado Grill

Rocco’s Tacos

Rocco’s Tacos is the perfect place to enjoy some tacos and margaritas on Clematis Street. This restaurant is located at 1141 S. Main St., West Palm Beach, FL 33401 and has a menu full of delicious food options. They offer a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more!

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a bite while out with friends or family in West Palm Beach, this is the place to go! Their hours are Monday through Thursday from 11:30am-9pm; Friday and Saturday from 11:30am-10pm; Sunday from 12pm-8pm (closed on Sundays). To book your reservation today call (561) 832-0017 or visit

Taco Dive Bar

Taco Dive Bar is one of the better-known restaurants in Clematis Street. There’s something for everyone here, from tacos and burritos to nachos and tortilla soup. Their menu is extensive and includes a variety of fresh food choices such as salads, fries, chips & salsa. Some options are even made with vegan ingredients!

If you’re looking for an appetizer before your meal or just want something fun to snack on while sipping on margaritas with friends (or strangers), Taco Dive Bar offers endless options all under $10 USD. They have everything from chicken wings to fruit bowls—and even some vegetarian options too!

While they do offer some alcoholic drinks like beer or wine; their specialty lies in frozen drinks like margaritas which range between $6-$9 USD depending on size (small/medium/large). These frozen drinks come in both classic flavors like strawberry daiquiri as well as more adventurous ones like coconut liqueur infused pineapple rum drink that comes complete with crushed mint leaves atop it for garnish purposes only — because who needs ice when you’ve got mint?

The Blind Monk

The Blind Monk is a Belgian-style brewpub that was started by three guys who wanted to bring the best Belgian beers to Seoul. The Blind Monk serves up more than 20 varieties of beer and has a great selection of food, so it’s the perfect place to meet friends, grab a drink and enjoy some delicious eats.

The atmosphere at The Blind Monk is lively, yet relaxed. The walls are covered in artwork by local artists (you can check out their website for more information on which artists were featured), as well as photos from Belgium—and there’s also a rooftop patio where you can enjoy your drinks in warmer weather!

Kapow! Noodle Bar

Kapow! Noodle Bar is a local favorite for its casual atmosphere and delicious food. It’s a good place to go for lunch, with both indoor and outdoor seating available. Kapow! Noodle Bar offers family friendly dining, so bring your kids!

Kapow! Noodle Bar has been open since 2018, under new management. They offer an extensive menu of traditional Chinese dishes like soup noodles, hand-pulled noodles, dumplings and other classic favourites.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned some new things about the street food in Florence. There are so many different places that serve amazing food and drinks, so I recommend going on an adventure to find them!