Eating and Drinking in Miami

Miami, the number one outdoor party city in the south east part of the USA. And blessed with an enviable tropical climate, you will find lots of excellent rooftop restaurants in Miami. Some of these high elevated dining destinations come with an enviable party vibe, while others with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for waterfront dining or urban vibes, Miami has lots of options for you. And Miami has a number of unique urban locations that make it the perfect hub of contemporary urban culture. There are several well-established brands in the business of catering to upscale patrons looking for premium beverages and great cuisine. For such consumers, Miami is the place to be. Here are the best rooftop restaurants in Miami, ranked according to their drink-wise and food-wise qualities.

GQ is one of Miami’s premiere rooftop restaurants. It is located at Biscayne Bay, right next to the ocean. GQ features waterfront environments, like a bar with water view and outdoor seating, a large open space that allows you to literally get lost in the crowd, and a long list of exclusive drink deals. In addition, GQ offers a wide variety of appetizers, sushi, and other delicacies. The rooftop restaurant is known for its exquisite appetizers and waterfront-oriented fare, which means you might want to check out what they have if you are looking for something different from the regular old burgers and fries.

Juvia is a rooftop eatery that is perfect for anyone looking for a Latin-inspired dining experience. While it offers a wide selection of both traditional and modern Brazilian juices and light wines, Juvia also features delicious traditional Brazilian delicacies like Acai berry emulsifiers and Goji juice. You can enjoy a cocktail with Acai or Goji juice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and there are even a few specially made acai blends and juices available for purchase. In addition, Juvia also offers a wide variety of traditional and gluten-free sandwiches and salads for all of your healthy eating needs.

If you are looking for a rooftop burger, Coppini is the place to go. If you want to experience an amazing rooftop burger, all you have to do is order your favorite burger and add a toppings like roasted portabella mushrooms and pimento cheese to it. You can even get a special order with smoked balsamic and garlic marinated portabella mushrooms for an added kick. When you order a Coppini, you can choose from a variety of dipping sauces, including Tomato Basil Mustard, Basil Soy Dipping Sauce, or Grape Soy Dipping Sauce. As if that wasn’t enough, Coppini also has an incredible drink selection that features many of your favorite fruity and tropical flavors such as mango, papaya, pineapple, and passion fruit.

There are also many rooftop restaurants in Miami that feature Mediterranean foods. You can choose from a variety of Greek food, from gyro meat, feta, and olive oil pastas, to rice and herb roasted lamb. The rooftop restaurant that you choose will be sure to satisfy all of your taste buds, as they are sure to have exotic dishes that will have people coming back for more. For dessert, Pita Panini sandwiches with fresh, locally caught ingredients will have people raving. There are also numerous sit down restaurants that feature local, seasonal, and organic cuisine to compliment any given rooftop restaurant.

South Beach is known for its nightlife and rooftop bars that have open air kitchens make it easy for you to enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Miami’s Biscayne Bay. The rooftop restaurant that you choose will have many options for you to enjoy, including steaks, burgers, sushi, and other popular choices. The view of this beautiful area is one of South Beach’s most attractive features and makes it an ideal location for a rooftop restaurant. These restaurants also offer wine samplers and can help you find the right bottle of wine to complement any dish that you wish to enjoy.

In addition to the many rooftop restaurants that Miami has to offer, you will also want to visit the rooftop nightclubs. Some of these clubs feature neon lights and music while others feature exotic dancers that will shake your hair. Regardless of what kind of nightclub atmosphere you desire, Miami has several options for you to enjoy. To find the right rooftop restaurant for you, start by choosing a reputable local chef who is experienced in providing top-quality meals. Once you have found the chef who meets your expectations, contact that chef and ask about private parties and private dining. If he cannot accommodate you at his restaurant, then consider a different Miami rooftop restaurant or Miami rooftop bar that can meet your every need and fit your style.

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