Italian Restaurants South Beach Miami

Italian Restaurants South Beach Miami – Many popular places of South Beach Miami have Italian restaurants. These restaurants serve the finest pasta dishes from various regions in Italy. Many restaurants of this genre also serve typical Italian cuisine. Some of these restaurants are listed below. Many other areas of South Beach Miami also serve good ITALIAN restaurants. Here are some of the top ITALIAN restaurants in South Beach Miami along the roads of Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive and others…

Casa Tua Miami

Casa Tua Miami – Among the many Lincoln Road restaurants, this place serves authentic dishes of Miami. This is one of the oldest ITALYAN restaurants of the area. You can see this restaurant in the top floor of a building at Lincoln road and Broadway. You can get the best Italian restaurants within this location.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita – It is among the best ITALYAN restaurants of South Beach Miami. This restaurant is also known as “Dolce Vita”. This place is famous for its unique style of cooking and desserts. It is among the best ITALYAN restaurants of South Beach Miami. This restaurant serves authentic Italian food based on the regions of Italy. You can order your pasta, seafood and pizzas here. The La Dolce Vita offers various specialty dishes such as caviar, prime rib, meatballs and the traditional Italian desserts.

La Floria Restaurant

La Floria Restaurant – This is a family-owned restaurant serving authentic Italian food. It has several locations all throughout Miami. You will find the La Floria Restaurant at Magnolia and Third Avenue. The La Floria Restaurant is great to go with your family or with your friends. The food served here is delicious and is made from the freshest ingredients.

D&A Italian Kitchen

D&A Italian Kitchen – It has branches in five different locations throughout Miami. Each of them serves traditional Italian food based on the different regions of Italy. You can get the pasta, seafood and pizza here. The food here is prepared by the best chefs of Italy.

The Rubane

The Rubane – This is a small yet cozy Dolce Italian restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine based on the regions of Italy. It is located near the Art Deco building. You will be able to taste some delicious foods here. The Dolce Italian menu consists of lasagna, spaghetti, Prima Donna, ravioli and the traditional red sauce. There are also many different appetizers and desserts on this menu. You will definitely want to try the different appetizers and desserts served at this restaurant.

Hotel Puerto De La Cruz – Another good Dolce Italian restaurant is Hotel Puerto De La Cruz. This hotel near the beach has a beautiful view of the ocean. It also has two restaurants. You can order seafood or just sit down and relax. You will find some great drinks being served here. If you are looking for a nice place to eat, then this hotel near the beach is the one to go to.