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Snappers Wings Menu

Snappers Wings Menu is loaded with options. You can get 3 wings for less than $5. These come with fries and bread. That’s a pretty good deal! You can also get gigantic wing meals for families or events. They will fix you up with a 100 wings if you want. We suggest you call ahead for that kind of order. But you get the idea. Snappers Wings Menu is loaded with options and value. Here is their complete Snappers Menu.
(We are a fan site. We love Florida food but we are not the restaurant and we are not affiliated with them. So please contact the restaurant for their menu. The Snappers Menu below is a sample.)

Chicken Wings
3 Pieces Wing Dinner$3.29
4 Pieces Wing Dinner$4.29
6 Pieces Wing Dinner$5.69
10 Pieces Wing Dinner$8.99
10 Pieces Buffalo BBQ$6.99
10 Pieces Honey BBQ$6.99
20 Pieces Buffalo BBQ$11.99
20 Pieces Honey BBQ$11.99
Family Wings
20 Pieces Chicken Wings$16.99
30 Pieces Chicken Wings$23.99
40 Pieces Chicken Wings$29.99
50 Pieces Chicken Wings$36.99
75 Pieces Chicken Wings$46.99
100 Pieces Chicken Wings$62.99
Three Pieces Legs and Thighs$2.99
Eight Pieces Legs and Thighs$5.99

WINGS, Fries-Coleslaw-Bread, $3.99 – $9.99

BUFFALO WINGS, Fries-Coleslaw-Bread, $9.99

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