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Chicken Wings
3 Pieces Wing Dinner$3.29
4 Pieces Wing Dinner$4.29
6 Pieces Wing Dinner$5.69
10 Pieces Wing Dinner$8.99
10 Pieces Buffalo BBQ$6.99
10 Pieces Honey BBQ$6.99
20 Pieces Buffalo BBQ$11.99
20 Pieces Honey BBQ$11.99
Family Wings
20 Pieces Chicken Wings$16.99
30 Pieces Chicken Wings$23.99
40 Pieces Chicken Wings$29.99
50 Pieces Chicken Wings$36.99
75 Pieces Chicken Wings$46.99
100 Pieces Chicken Wings$62.99
Three Pieces Legs and Thighs$2.99
Eight Pieces Legs and Thighs$5.99

WINGS, Fries-Coleslaw-Bread, $3.99 – $9.99

BUFFALO WINGS, Fries-Coleslaw-Bread, $9.99

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