Miami Restaurants With Live Music

Live Music Restaurants in Miami

Miami Restaurants With Live Music – So, you’re in Miami and you want to find some great food and drink. You’re probably also looking for some live music to go with it. Well, look no further! We have collected a list of our favorite places to eat in Miami and listen to live music at the same time. So sit back and enjoy these unique experiences while you feast on delicious food or sip on your favorite cocktail.

If you are looking for live music while you eat, these are the places to visit in Miami!

1.The Corner

The Corner is a great place to eat, drink and listen to live music. The restaurant is located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, which means you’ll be surrounded by art every time you step outside. The Corner has an excellent menu offering everything from tacos to burgers, as well as an extensive cocktail list. If you’re looking for some live music along with your meal, then definitely swing by The Corner!

2.The Stage

The Stage is located in Miami’s Little River district and offers live music seven nights a week. The restaurant has an extensive food and drink menu, including signature cocktails like the Basil Gimlet or the Cuban Mojito.

The Stage regularly hosts bands from all genres of music, including rock, jazz, country and even Irish folk music on St. Patrick’s Day. There are also special events throughout the year such as “Acoustic Mondays” where guests can enjoy a unique acoustic performance by singer-songwriters in a cozy atmosphere.

Address: 13115 SW 112 Ave., Miami Gardens FL 33176

Phone: (305) 691-1752


3.Duck Dive

Duck Dive is a great spot for live music. The location is in South Beach, so expect to see lots of beautiful people and expensive cars. The crowd usually consists of tourists trying to enjoy the last few weeks before they have to go back to work, along with locals who have lived there forever and know all the best spots in town.

If you’re looking for food, Duck Dive has got you covered: their menu offers everything from burgers and fries to filet mignon with risotto cakes—and since it’s an upscale restaurant (meaning it’s more expensive than most), you can bet that whatever dish you order will be delicious! They also have an extensive wine list if whiskey isn’t your thing (but where would we be without whiskey?).

If alcoholic drinks aren’t really your thing but dancing is, then this place may not be ideal for you—but if alcohol isn’t either, then by all means check it out! Their dance floor on Friday nights is open until 2am; after that point most people stay put outside on their patio because there’s always something fun going on there too (like live music).


Kush is a restaurant and bar located in Miami Beach, Florida. Kush is known for its live music, which can be heard seven nights a week. The restaurant has a rooftop bar where you can watch the sunset over Biscayne Bay or listen to live music on Friday nights. Kush also has an extensive selection of craft beers and wines from around the world.


Foxhole is located in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, near the intersection of Northeast 2nd Avenue and 63rd Street. The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30am to 3pm, and dinner from 5pm to 10pm. Try the blackened shrimp pappardelle pasta with coconut milk and roasted shiitake mushrooms; it’s one of our favorites!

In terms of what to wear, you’ll find a diverse mix of patrons at Foxhole. If you’re looking for an upscale experience, dress up—but if you’d rather be casual (or even more casual), feel free to do so! You don’t have to worry about tipping at Foxhole because it’s not customary at restaurants like this one. Before going out for dinner or drinks here make sure your phone has plenty of juice left—you never know when you might need it! This place also has a great selection of wines by the glass if beer isn’t really your thing but bottles are too much right now! In case something happens while out having fun with friends/family there will always be someone who can help guide them through whatever situation they might find themselves in–from being lost somewhere unfamiliar like downtown Miami Beach all night long without any transportation options available back home safely again.

6.Lost Weekend

Lost Weekend is a great place to listen to live music. The music is loud enough that you can enjoy the performance, but not so loud that you can’t talk over it. The food is great and reasonably priced, and their drinks are also reasonably priced. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, making this an excellent place to go with friends if they’re looking for something new in Miami restaurants with live music.

7.Radio-Active Records

Radio-Active Records is a Miami bar with live music and an extensive selection of craft beer. The atmosphere is casual, but the service is excellent. The food is fantastic, and the drinks are even better! If you’re looking for an amazing night out with friends, family or your significant other, this spot will not disappoint. Location: 730 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

Parking: Metered street parking on Washington Ave with meters accepting credit cards or coins only (quarters no longer accepted). Valet also available at Radio-Active Records for $5 while dining in our restaurant on Sundays through Wednesdays after 5pm; $6 all day Thursday through Saturday from 11am until close; free parking Friday & Saturday nights after 10pm and all day Sunday when dining at Radio-Active Records unless it’s a special event night like New Years Eve which has valet prices listed above due to demand for ample parking spaces so we can accommodate everyone who wants to get home safely from celebrating what was hopefully another great year!

8.The Vagabond Miami

The Vagabond is a great place to visit if you’re looking for live music in Miami. The Vagabond is located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, which makes it easy to access from all over South Florida.

Visiting The Vagabond will give you an authentic experience of what it means to be part of the arts community in Miami. Its ambiance is relaxed and welcoming, making it easy for patrons to enjoy themselves at any time of day or night.

The menu at The Vagabond features many unique items like grilled octopus salad, crispy potato pancakes with lemon-herb yogurt sauce, roasted beetroot and goat cheese salad (to name just a few). These dishes are accompanied by an extensive wine list that includes local offerings as well as selections from around the world—some available by glass or bottle only!

9.The Wynwood Yard

The Wynwood Yard is a popular place to visit in Miami. It’s a great spot for live music, with performances happening every night of the week. The atmosphere is fun and upbeat, and the food and drinks are delicious. The staff at The Wynwood Yard really knows how to make you feel at home!


So whether you’re looking for a place to eat, drink and be merry or just want some great entertainment while you dine, these restaurants are sure to provide all the excitement you need!

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: Flamingo Theater Bar

Flamingo Theater Bar

Address: 905 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL 33131, USA

Main Phone: (786) 803-8194

Visit the Flamingo Theater Bar Website

View Flamingo Theater Bar on Google

Latitude: 25.7644761

Longitude: -80.1893767

Did you know that Flamingo Theater Bar rates 4.4/5 based on 1245 total ratings?

Reviews for Flamingo Theater Bar
Fadia MarvalFadia Marval



a month ago

In regards to the disappointing service offered to me and my family this Thursday August 12th while in a stand up comedy show. I personally was a server for over 5 years in a few exclusive and known restaurants in the heart of the Chicago downtown, honestly I have never attended a bar/ restaurant where customers where Expected to provide an estimate of 40% of their bill in gratuity. While requesting My check tonight, the waitress that assisted our table stated “ here we don’t have detailed receipts, just this paper” ( pointing at the little receipt that the portable cashing device provides, the one that is meant to be signed). I do my math and calculate that certainly my bill should not have exceeded the $72… the charge I received was for $90… when I go ahead and asked my waitress “ Is there any tip included?”.. she reassured to me a big “no”. I went ahead and provided an extra $18.90 (which represents the 20% of the bill received)…. When I asked multiple people from the staff to talk to a manager, nobody was able to direct me. When I confronted the server and re asked for a detailed check, she gives me one and, indeed, there had been a 18% gratuity added (this mandatory addition is not mentioned in the menu by the way). When I ask the server “why did you tell me gratuity was not included in my bill? She reassured that this 18% exclusively corresponded to the -tip out- for bus boys and food runners. So, I am very surprised that I’ve never seen any other food establishment where tip has to oscillate around the 40% of the bill “ in order to actually have the server receive any type of payment”. Most -tip outs- percentages for bartenders/busboys/ food runners oscillate between 5-8% in the most exclusive restaurants. Expecting customers to tip 40% of their bills is an extreme and even disrespectful assumption. I wanted to bring this to the management attention if possible and would appreciate some clarification.

Lourdes NayaLourdes Naya



2 weeks ago

First, I would like to thank you for responding to my post in what I’m sure is a very busy schedule for you. I would like to say that I indeed enjoyed the show. I sang, I danced, I even cried at times because i got very emotional with some of the songs. That being said, I still feel that a wait time of 3 hours is just excessive especially for some of the elderly guests. I’ve gone to many concerts in Miami and wait time has never been this long even with thousands of guests. Again my thanks for your cordial reply. Wish you much success.👏

Marielba MognaMarielba Mogna



2 months ago

It is a nice venue; however, in my opinion it needs a touch up. I went to an stand up comedy show that happens every Thursday and it is always sold out. They have the resources to update some areas like the restrooms and problaby lighting features. Overall it was a nice experience.

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: Hilmar Helena

La Scala de Miami

Address: The Four Ambassadors, 905 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL 33131, USA

Main Phone: (786) 803-8194

Visit the La Scala de Miami Website

View La Scala de Miami on Google

Latitude: 25.7642296

Longitude: -80.190097

Did you know that La Scala de Miami rates 3.7/5 based on 139 total ratings?

Reviews for La Scala de Miami
amparo vargasamparo vargas



a month ago

Standing room only venue, good sound system, good AC. The floor was sticky dirty from so many spilled beers. Nice crowd. A decent place to listen to some good concerts.

Jennifer PerezJennifer Perez



9 months ago

Great spot for concerts & night life! So much fun!

Rosney Pérez GonzálezRosney Pérez González



a week ago

First time being into a concert. Will not attend any other in the near future. Seems unfair to me you pay 500+ dollars and performance starts 5 hours after you arrive.

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: James L. Knight Center

James L. Knight Center

Address: 101 SE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33131, USA

Main Phone: (305) 416-5970

Visit the James L. Knight Center Website

View James L. Knight Center on Google

Latitude: 25.7713791

Longitude: -80.1914806

Did you know that James L. Knight Center rates 4.2/5 based on 1819 total ratings?

Reviews for James L. Knight Center
Adan MirandaAdan Miranda



2 months ago

The venue is fantastic for an intimate show. I do recommend eating beforehand as there are limited food options.

Luis Jeriko Pasten GutierrezLuis Jeriko Pasten Gutierrez



2 months ago

Nice Place the best night!!! thanks for so much #allelitewrestling

Dale PrillamanDale Prillaman



10 months ago

An historic venue opened in 1982, it had a wide diversity of events held and good times had before C-19. Can’t wait for this to be put behind Us so the Arts can live on again a JLK!

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary

Address: 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130, USA

Main Phone: (305) 671-3307

Visit the Blackbird Ordinary Website

View Blackbird Ordinary on Google

Latitude: 25.7667169

Longitude: -80.1951854

Did you know that Blackbird Ordinary rates 4.3/5 based on 1880 total ratings?

Reviews for Blackbird Ordinary
Robert M. LarkinRobert M. Larkin



a year ago

Stopped in last Friday night and hit the rooftop bar / restaurant around 9pm. WOW! What a gorgeous space and the vibe was amazing. Great tunes, delicious apps and such a nice place to relax with a bunch of friends. The cozy blankets that Lusk provides helped to cut the chill in the air and felt like some of the classic rooftop bars in NYC I frequented in my youth. 🙂 This is a great new addition to the SF downtown scene. I’ll be back.

Ana Lucia Varon OcampoAna Lucia Varon Ocampo



3 weeks ago

Really cool place to go to on the weekend. We reserved a table for $100 and you can do either bottle service or just regular service. There are two areas with different music playing. Both had a good vibe. Liked it here a lot.

Lelia C LopezLelia C Lopez



a year ago

This is a great spot to get a drink and play some video games. It is like a mini Dave and Busters without the mediocre food. They have good selection of beer. Fun place for hanging out.

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: The Wharf Miami

The Wharf Miami

Address: 114 SW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33130, USA

Main Phone: (305) 906-4000

Visit the The Wharf Miami Website

View The Wharf Miami on Google

Latitude: 25.772362

Longitude: -80.1997554

Did you know that The Wharf Miami rates 4.5/5 based on 3996 total ratings?

Reviews for The Wharf Miami
Debbie WintersDebbie Winters



5 months ago

It’s just not for me. If I was 21, I’d be thriving in here however I’m not. DJ is never well-versed very on track minded. The bartenders at the main bar hustle, somehow they know what’s going on it was impressive. Overwhelming to say the least, but pleasantly surprised at the food trucks-decent prices and good!

Nicholas SmithNicholas Smith



a week ago

Beats the wharf ft Lauderdale by a long shot. party was still on at 2:30 even when it rained earlier that day. Never gets to packed where you are uncomfortable. They have huge fans to cool off.There are fried chicken, tacos, sushi food trucks all $10-18 price can ask for a pitcher for $25 which would have 4-8oz of liquor.Pregame before 1-4 shot minimum, then buy as needed, then slide a Red Bull and vodka before you go home.Have a Happy Labor Day and Happy Brazilian Independence Day🇧🇷

sherrylee beensherrylee been



4 weeks ago

Nice place to eat, drink and hang out with friends. The vibe is both upbeat yet relaxed. Mostly consists of younger adults, but still a relaxed feel the the more mature guest. Nice riverfront view and a variety of food and drinks for all.

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: RedBar Brickell

RedBar Brickell

Address: 52 SW 10th St, Miami, FL 33130, USA

Main Phone: (786) 316-0303

Visit the RedBar Brickell Website

View RedBar Brickell on Google

Latitude: 25.7643213

Longitude: -80.1942229

Did you know that RedBar Brickell rates 4.3/5 based on 501 total ratings?

Reviews for RedBar Brickell



a month ago

Good, solid bar in Brickell. Comedy nights on Monday are always fun. The main guy working there (not sure his name but always wearing a hat) is a legend.

Amparo MoraisAmparo Morais



a month ago

Great club with amazing music! We had a girls night here with wigs and it was extremely fun and we even saw another group in wigs as well. Highly reccomend. Not sure how much drinks are as we didn’t order any. Bathrooms are 1 each for male/female.

Jenna WatkinsJenna Watkins



2 months ago

This is the most pleasurable and safe bar to visit. They provide security and entertainment to all of their loyal customers. So, if you want to have a good time with your mates, go to this pub!

miami restaurants with live music
Photo Courtesey of: Cafe La Trova

Cafe La Trova

Address: 971 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130, USA

Main Phone: (786) 615-4379

Visit the Cafe La Trova Website

View Cafe La Trova on Google

Latitude: 25.7660827

Longitude: -80.2104785

Did you know that Cafe La Trova rates 4.5/5 based on 917 total ratings?

Reviews for Cafe La Trova
Amanda KubistaAmanda Kubista



3 months ago

Amazing, authentic spot in Little Havana! We tried almost the whole menu and loved every single thing. The cocktails were also fantastic. Do not skip dessert and try the churro waffles, wow. And the band was a huge highlight as well. Love the dark, cozy vibe and watching great dancers enjoy the music. Definitely head to Cafe Le Trova if you have not, and if you have… go back!

Elianis GarciaElianis Garcia



2 months ago

The place has great vibes. My family loved the atmosphere coming from a Hispanic back ground. Our waitress was also super kind. How ever, the only reason why I am giving 3 stars is because if you are celebrating a birthday and take your own cake, they charge you $3.50 per person sitting in the table. I didn’t find this fair due to the fact that buying a cake is already expensive enough to have to pay an extra fee at the restaurant. I’ve never had this experience anywhere else.

Alina EscarpanterAlina Escarpanter



in the last week

Our experience was phenomenal. The girls at the host stand were very accommodating, the service was on point, and the drinks were even better. Everything we ate it was incredible. I took some family that had not been there before and they loved it as well. And the band that was playing was amazing. Will def be coming back.