Captain D’s – 242 South Tyndall Parkway, Panama City

 Captain D’s

 242 S Tyndall Pkwy, Panama City, FL 32404, USA

 +1 850-769-5627

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5 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 242 South Tyndall Parkway, Panama City

  1. Not a bad place to eat, new crew is great. Food is fast and hot, and very polite staff. Today (6/4) we tried to have dinner at Captain Ds on Tyndall Parkway. The staff did not know what they were doing, they failed on the customer order ahead of us, and were in a daze bumping into each other. We waited a few minutes and they were still mulling around. We left.

  2. Leslie Hallman says:

    My family has been going to this Captain Ds for years.Something has happen to the Food and service.The grilled fish.Not cooked well .We ordered bake potatoes.Sent them back because they were old.Gray and dark.Had the same potatoes served to us again.Gave up.We had been there the week before with the same problems.Over charged us for two meals.Not one thing was fit to eat.Cold and old. Sad.We brought it to the waitress attention the price of the meal.She said that they do not have $5.00 meals no more.The food was cold .Afraid to eat it. Tossed it.

  3. Dana Williams says:

    They usually get your order wrong or they are out of items in the menu… Like shrimp. But when they get it right there good is good. The counter staff is not very friendly

  4. Paul Mosca says:

    I’ve always liked cake Captain D’s. I don’t know what kind of fish they serve but they sure make it taste great and a lot more expensive then it probably is! Had my favorite fish and fries. This time I substituted the coleslaw for t Everything was wonderful! I’m sure everybody has been to Captain D’s but if you haven’t been in a while try it again it surely is a treat!

  5. Benita Showalter says:

    Their food is always hot, fresh and delicious! The prices aren’t too bad, considering what you get. I’d you use coupons that come in the mail often, you really get good deals.

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