Captain D’s – 5640 University Boulevard West, Jacksonville

 Captain D’s

 5640 University Blvd W, Jacksonville, FL 32216, USA

 +1 904-737-4444

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Captain D’s

4 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 5640 University Boulevard West, Jacksonville

  1. I dont understand why the bread for my fish sandwich was submerged in oil. It was dripping oil. Like they dunked it in oil then put it on the grill to toast it then made the fish sandwich. I should have taken a picture. I ate the fish. Threw away the bread. I was almost home by the time I took a look at it. Submerged in oil. The shrimp was great tho.

  2. Gretchen Sepulveda says:

    Great friendly staff. Love the food. It takes a little longer then a traditional fast food but it is so worth the wait.

  3. Chris Gumbo says:

    Greasy, lukewarm, poor quality. Slooooooow service. Ghetto staff that can hardly put together a complete sentence, much less a correct order. It’s a guarantee that something will be wrong with your food. If your name is Laqueesha or Travondarius, you may feel right at home here. Otherwise, stay away. And look at the cut-and-paste responses for all the poor reviews. Customer service and satisfaction is the LAST priority with this place.

  4. Peggy Winkler says:

    Usually the food is very good. Today was not the case. The fish either was not done or was sitting out to long. The fries were not hot and the poppers were cold. Waiting for 10 minutes for a to go order, I excepted much more.

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