Captain D’s – 161 Altama Connector, Brunswick

 Captain D’s

 161 Altama Connector, Brunswick, GA 31520, USA

 +1 912-264-6455

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Captain D’s Georgia

3 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 161 Altama Connector, Brunswick

  1. A few months ago I ate here and was very impressed with the service. It was probably the best Captain D’s I ever experienced. I gave them a glowing review. I went back tonight and it was very different. The A/C must have been set at the low 60’s or lower. It was freezing. The Coke dispenser and the tartar sauce dispenser were not working. The staff did not seem to care about any of the issues. They seemed cold like the A/C. It will likely be awhile before I will be back.

  2. Josephine Rodriguez says:

    The food was ok. The one young girl was very nice and courteous but the cook and another older woman were debating on whether or not a platter was worthy of serving or not because of its appearance. The young girl didn’t want to bring it to the table and the cook insisted that the salmon is supposed to look like that. It did not look appealing but they both told her to serve it. I was leery of ordering my food after watching all that unfold in front of me.

  3. Shasta Monroe says:

    The GM is unprofessional. There is one lady who ran the drive and front counter by herself with no help. She gives service with a smile a true meaning. If it wasn’t for her being there I don’t think I would eat there. From the cashiers to the cooks and management this Captian D’s get 1 star from me. Seems like the boss likes to pay more attention to his phone conversations than to his staff and customers

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