Captain D’s – 899 Joe Frank Harris Parkway Southeast, Cartersville

 Captain D’s

 899 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy SE, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

 +1 770-386-5303

(5 reviews)

Captain D’s Georgia

3 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 899 Joe Frank Harris Parkway Southeast, Cartersville

  1. Overall a good restaurant. Half of my visits, and I am there quite often, are very slow service. Had a meal comped one time because of it. Staff is generally friendly and the restaurant is clean. The food is good but there again, sometimes the service is very slow.

  2. Bobby Price says:

    The Deluxe platter is Awesome!!!!The Best Battered Fish Filet without going to the beach:)

  3. Mel Jordan says:

    raw limp fries. Hushpuppies were raw and doughy on the inside. Fish had grease dripping out of it. either grease is not hot enough or your dumping so much in to cook, its lowering the temp and not cooking food properly. either that or your just not cooking it long enough. I could see one thing wrong, but the whole plate. save your money and go to red lobster at least they can cook it properly. . Spent over 8 bucks to toss in the trash. Not going to waste 1/4 tank of gas to drive back to return it. Couldnt get anyone to answer the phone

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