Captain D’s – 913 South Park Street, Carrollton

 Captain D’s

 913 S Park St, Carrollton, GA 30117, USA

 +1 770-834-6911

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5 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 913 South Park Street, Carrollton

  1. I over love the fish at Captain D’s but lately, it’s been kinda “not so fresh” in the sides department. I don’t know why it takes so long to get the food when they’re not ever really that busy. But I love the fish so hopefully next visit will be better.

  2. Michele Paschal says:

    My husband enjoys here more then me. I do like their original fish and fries. Not a fan of the crab cakes at all.

  3. Janice shadinger says:

    The food is taking longer getting to us. Prices have gone up and the 4.99 deals have been cut to one. Some of the 4.99 deals have gone up to 5.26. Some of the food is a little greasy. The tea is still good.

  4. Jay Watts says:

    While I enjoy eating at various Captains D’s, this one in particular I like more than the rest. The owner seems to truly care about his customers and tries to get the best possible ingredients. Case in point, I’ve noticed that the corn on the cob and potatoes are larger and tastier here that other locations. Also, the salmon seems to be better seasoned here.

  5. Michael Barnett says:

    Always good food but the owner leaves a lot to be desired. The ones that have been there for years he got rid of like the Trash they take out every day.If it wasn’t so close I would go somewhere ELSE

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