Captain D’s – 2410 South Ferdon Boulevard, Crestview

 Captain D’s

 2410 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

 +1 850-682-5101

(5 reviews)

3 thoughts on “Captain D’s – 2410 South Ferdon Boulevard, Crestview

  1. One of the best seafood places in the panhandle if you ask me. Great food for a great price. Portion sizes are just right and the seasoning is perfect.

  2. LaVon Decker says:

    I have been frequenting this particular Captain D’s for 25 years and it has consistently been a nice place to go for an inexpensive seafood meal . The food is great , staff courteous and friendly and the building is nice and clean.

  3. Sally Belcher says:

    Restaurant is falling apart , the young lady that announced her name as Hailey who’s normally working drive has attitudes with the customers in the drive thru , she’s on her phone and touching or rubbing through her hair then touch the customers food .. I once had a piece of black colored straight hair on my plate .. Also fish is very soggy and fries cold .. Really not worth the money I spend at this restaurant.. Young tall man with the long hair at the top always makes sure I’m happy with everything before I leave and makes sure my kids are happy , he always has a such beautiful smile on his face .. Captain Ds definitely needs more employees like him

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