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All You Can Eat Crab Legs

Catfish Deweys is a noteworthy restaurant in North Fort Lauderdale as well as the area that major fish and shellfish fans go to. Here is their menu.

Catfish Deweys restaurant, home of all you can eat.

Family-owned because 1984, this is among those fish and shellfish restaurants that isn’t expensive, has no state of mind lights as well as no dress code, and that works just great due to the fact that the food is to crave and every person knows it. With appetizers like Gator Tail Bites, Half Pound of Frog Legs, Caribbean Style Conch Fritters, Southern Fried Pickles and Caribbean Style Conch Fritters, just among others, it’s apparent this location is authentic southerly food preparation, as well as the pros when it concerns southern specials.Catfish Deweys Menu All Can Eat Crab Legs 1


  • Seafood Combo Platter $22.95
  • Choice of fish plus shrimp and scallops
    All items in combo must be cooked the same way

Value menu plates

  • Catfish $12.95
  • Fried shrimp $14.95
  • Mahi-Mahi $16.95
  • Cod $13.95
  • Tilapia $10.95
  • Sea Scallops $16.95
  • Fried Oysters $17.95
  • Fried clam strips $15.95
  • Boiled crawfish $16.95
  • Baby back ribs $13.95


  • Shrimp gumbo $6.95
  • Soup of the day $6.95


  • Six potato skins $6.95
  • Gator tail bites $11.95
  • Dozen Steamed Clams $11.95
  • Smoked Fish Dip $11.95
  • Fresh oysters half shell Market price
  • Shrimp Cocktail $10.95
  • Coconut fried shrimp $11.95
  • Beer battered onion rings $7.95
  • Caribbean style conch fritters $8.95
  • Fried button mushrooms $7.95
  • Southern fried pickles $6.95


  • Small garden salad $5 ($2 with dinner entree)
  • Large Salad $7
  • Baked potato $3
  • Baked sweet potato $3
  • Mashed potatoes & gravy $3
  • Steak cut fries $2
  • Dozen hushpuppies $3
  • Rice pilaf $3
  • Collard greens $3
  • Corn $3
  • Cole slaw $3
  • Large cole slaw $4
  • Grits $3
  • Pasta in garlic/wine/butter sauce $7.95

Steaks, ribs, chicken

One of our choice steaks and Florida Lobster Tail $37.95

  • Angus ribeye $24.95
  • New York Strip $24.95
  • 12 ounce center cut choice Angus
  • Grilled Chicken Breasts $14.95
  • Fried Chicken Tenders $14.95
  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs $18.95
  • Ribs & Chicken combo $16.95
  • Half slab and BBQ Chicken breast

Alaskan Snow Crab Legs

Florida lobster tails

Crab stuffed lobster tail $28.95
Broiled 7 ounce tail loaded with crab meat stuffing

Two pounds Alaskan Snow Crab Legs $36.95
approximately 4 clusters

One pound Alaskan Snow Crab Legs $19.95
Approximately 2 clusters

Add a half pound (one cluster) of crab legs to any dinner $15.95
Florida Lobster Tail $21.95
7 ounce tail split open and broiled

Twin Florida Lobster Tails $37.95
Two tails split open and broiled

Lobster Crab Combo $36.95
One pound of Alaskan crab legs and one lobster tail


Caesar Salad: A classic favorite that is a meal in itself $6.95
Chicken Caesar: Grilled or blackened breast on a Caesar salad $8.95
Shrimp Caesar: Grilled or blackened shrimp on a Caesar salad $14.95
Mahi Mahi Caesar Salad (grilled or blackened Mahi) $16.95

Red Lobster, Bonefish Grill, and also Joe’s Stonecrab have absolutely nothing on this location. 2/3 lb of fish and shellfish per meal. The typical part at these other restaurants are 6 ounces. The crab surrounded has no breading tasty. I have never ever had a dish quite similar to this: initially every one of suppers come with hush young puppies. They are warm as well as sweet and with honey an incredible treat, The dish includes a salad- no extra fee and also the peppercorn parmeson dressing is the best. Most importantly it is rock crab season and I will be back for the all you can consume. A regional favored as well as a needs to for the visitor.

Catfish Deweys Menu All Can Eat Crab Legs 2

Great Catfish

This is fresh water farm raised fish deep fried, not saltwater fish. You can obtain entire fish (6″ to 10″long without the head), also no skin, or you can get fillets. I believe the entire ones have much more flavor. A catfish’s skeleton is different from various other fish as the rib bones are very linked to the foundation as well as are upright over and below the foundation so all you need to do is draw the meat off with a fork or consume them like Sylvester the animation cat. No stress over the bones like various other fish. Deweys also has specials on different nights (shrimp, crab legs, etc.) Very active on Friday and Saturday. I live about 15 miles away as well as it is constantly worth the trip.

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