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Snow Crab legs are delicious and very healthy too! I’ve found these on a trip to Alaska and they turned out to be tasty and very flavorful. They are a very healthy snack because they are filled with all kinds of vitamins and minerals. If you are looking for a great alternative to beef stew when you are in a hurry or in a cold climate, these will be the best meal for you. This quick cooking recipe can be prepared by anyone for any occasion.

Boiled Snow Crab for dinner tonight. Combine 2 pounds of the white crab meat with chopped garlic, fresh scallions, fresh ginger, fresh cilantro, and just enough salt to be presentable, plus about two cups of cold unsweetened coconut milk. Serve this with Lemon slices as well as fresh lime juice and a dash of old bay seasoning; add a slice of cheese for added flavor. Another easy and sound recipe is Snow Crab Bisque with Cucumber. Just combine frozen crab meat with cucumber and cut off the ends; puree with coconut milk and puree with cilantro.

Bring nature’s gift to my home this winter! Get the kids and love outdoor fun while staying indoors in my cozy and warm abode. A very easy way to bring nature inside for the holidays is to use Google Maps to place my snow crab legs near me. Using Google Maps for a small fee allows me to place anything I want on the map at anytime.

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This is how I utilize my Google Maps on a daily basis. First thing in the morning I check the weather forecast and see what’s going to be cold (in my part of the country) by the time I get out of bed. Then I check what the real-time temperature is going to be by walking in the park and taking a look at the temperature on the ground. Once I know this I am ready to go. If I want to take a side trip to Boston I simply switch over to my Google Maps real-time traffic information and voila!

However, what if I don’t want to walk or drive? What if I want to hop on an airplane, ride a train, use my own car, whatever? That’s where satellite navigation comes in handy. With my google maps you can input any destination that you want to reach and it will show you if it’s reachable by either road or by air. I am a huge advocate for technology like this because it makes things so much easier.

If I want to get some bird’s eye view of a city or a state, all I have to do is turn on my Google Maps and watch it soar through the cityscape. From my home office I can watch the traffic reports come in on my computer screen. It’s that easy. I highly recommend using a hand held device such as the Snow Crab Handheld GPS Navigation Device. It’s my favorite because it’s small, lightweight, extremely accurate and you can find the best place to get snow crab legs near me anytime you want!

All of these features are only offered on my Google Maps page. You can also view the entire world map at any time. The features and convenience of this wonderful gadget is impossible to pass up. The only thing that could make it even better is to hook it up to your vehicle. You could be driving down the highway and suddenly see snow crab legs near you and before you know it you’re on your way to enjoying the sights of the city, state or country, wherever you happen to be.

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The best part about living in the United States is that we have access to all of the fresh seafood imaginable! That’s why it’s always a great idea to scour the map for crab legs near me. Whether you’re looking for them at your local grocery store or are trying to find them on delivery, they’re not hard to come by. In fact, I’m pretty sure there are many places around me where I can order some delicious crab legs today.

The site is a search engine for finding restaurants near you that serve crab legs. The site lists nearby locations with phone numbers and prices so that visitors can call ahead if needed. Visitors can also see how far away their desired location is from them by clicking on the map tab on top left of the page. The map will show all nearby locations within certain miles from your current location, as well as a list of those places (with address) below it in alphabetical order.

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harpoon harry's crab house tampa
Photo Courtesey of: Heather Smith

Harpoon Harry’s Crab House – Tampa

Address: 225 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602, USA

Main Phone: (813) 321-4040

Visit the Harpoon Harry’s Crab House – Tampa Website

View Harpoon Harry’s Crab House – Tampa on Google

Latitude: 27.942736

Longitude: -82.4559944

Did you know that Harpoon Harry’s Crab House – Tampa rates 4.2/5 based on 1359 total ratings?

Reviews for Harpoon Harry’s Crab House – Tampa
Monnika Jacobs

Monnika Jacobs


4 months ago

Such a fabulous restaurant. I went with a group of people who love seafood, but I have an allergy. They were so accommodating and even prepared a delicious chicken dish for me! My friends had the crab legs which they said we’re fabulous, and the sushi rolls looked great! Next time we are in Tampa we will definitely be back!!!! The atmosphere was wonderful and out on the patio the seafood smell was tolerable so it didn’t bother me at all! Haley was our server and let me tell you, she was fabulous!!!! You have to have her be your server!

Sarah Woelber

Sarah Woelber


4 months ago

Love this place! SO had the live blue crab, the potatoes were amazing! the crab was also really fresh. Also had the eel sushi roll and that was fantastic. The display of the sushi was great. Our waiter was fantastic and made sure we were always doing good! Cosmopolitan wasn’t the best, but the food made up for it!

Jane Fritz

Jane Fritz


5 months ago

The food in this restaurant is good. The service is horrible. We were there second week of March, after a trip to the aquarium with small children. I believe our servers name was Jamie. Jamie should NOT be employed as a server for ANY caliber of restaurant. Lack of etiquette, dining manners, table etiquette are just starters. The menu prices are not cheap and the atmosphere is upscale but I believe we got less than dime store service. She constantly was trying to ” save herself a trip”. When we first sat down she wanted to get drink and appetizer orders, we just simply were not ready yet, we had just sat down. So I asked for a glass of water and she said, ” when I bring the drink orders” Our appetizer dishes were still on the table when dessert was served. 5 desserts were ordered, various cakes and confections, she served all of the spoons on one of the dessert plates as opposed to handing them around. And yes, I said spoons, ( the fork bin was probably empty and would had required a trip to the dishwasher.) She was just extremely lazy and untrained. She is not the presentation you want to make for your restaurant.

west fortune street fish market
Photo Courtesey of: Bill Bean

West Fortune Street Fish Market

Address: 1926 W Main St, Tampa, FL 33607, USA

Main Phone: (813) 254-1741

Visit the West Fortune Street Fish Market Website

View West Fortune Street Fish Market on Google

Latitude: 27.956957

Longitude: -82.479898

Did you know that West Fortune Street Fish Market rates 4.5/5 based on 454 total ratings?

Reviews for West Fortune Street Fish Market
Celida Velazquez

Celida Velazquez


4 months ago

AMAZING FOOD, SERVICE WITH A SMILE LADY BEHIND THE COUNTER BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Staff was very friendly. You get what you pay for. Worth every penny. Food was delicious. We had Fresh Grilled Grouper Sandwich with Fries and I had the Seafood Duo (Fried Grouper and Fried Shrimp with Hushpuppies) Fish was very hearty and not over breaded or over fried.$20 bucks well spent.Definitely will be coming back. No place to sit but takeout was very efficient in and out. I would add another couple of stars if i could.

Kersha Curtis

Kersha Curtis


a month ago

OMG! I was in Tampa visiting…. The seafood here is OUTSTANDING! The oysters and blue crabs were soooo DELICIOUS!!!!This is a GREAT place to visit when you’re in the Tampa area. GREAT customer service

Angelina Robinson

Angelina Robinson


2 weeks ago

Best customer service, we have here fresh grilled grouper sandwich, delicious food.

shrimp & co. restaurant
Photo Courtesey of: Nikole Davis

Shrimp & Co. Restaurant

Address: 2202 E 7th Ave, Ybor City, FL 33605, USA

Main Phone: (813) 374-0192

Visit the Shrimp & Co. Restaurant Website

View Shrimp & Co. Restaurant on Google

Latitude: 27.9604733

Longitude: -82.4346461

Did you know that Shrimp & Co. Restaurant rates 4.3/5 based on 845 total ratings?

Reviews for Shrimp & Co. Restaurant
Bartley Settle

Bartley Settle


a month ago

Came here for lunch with a friend today. Interior of the restaurant was clean but it had a “dive vibe.” I ordered a Caesar salad and added grilled chicken. The grilled chicken was superb…excellent, in fact. And the portion size was enormous. The Caesar dressing was tasty. My friend ordered a grouper sandwich with sweet potato fries. I think the portion size of the grouper was about 5 ounces, kind of steep for the $22.99 price of that sandwich. That being said, my friend liked the sandwich and sweet potato fries.

Yanna Puello

Yanna Puello


3 weeks ago

We are from MA and I have to say my family and I had a great experience! Everything was delicious, sea food was fresh, staff are very friendly and attentive. Prices are affordable and loved the decoration theme. We were a party of 7 including 3 children and everyone was very pleased. Thank you for your great service and delicious food! We will definitely come again when we go back to Tampa.

ML Andrews

ML Andrews


3 months ago

Excellent service! Waiter and host were pleasant and provided quick service and good recommendations on food since this was our first time. The shrimp were spectacular! Kids enjoyed one of their birthday week meals! Wife’s pasta was amazing–creamy and flavorful….it didn’t last long. We are from Atlanta and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

publix super market on bayshore
Photo Courtesey of: Shiva K

Publix Super Market on Bayshore

Address: 243 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, USA

Main Phone: (813) 251-1173

Visit the Publix Super Market on Bayshore Website

View Publix Super Market on Bayshore on Google

Latitude: 27.9422049

Longitude: -82.4605317

Did you know that Publix Super Market on Bayshore rates 4.4/5 based on 935 total ratings?

Reviews for Publix Super Market on Bayshore
Lucas Rubinstein

Lucas Rubinstein


3 months ago

Though small this is a very nice Publix. The store is extremely well-run and a credit to the management. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and the butcher and seafood departments are very knowledgeable and more than willing to help and make custom cuts and orders. The store even being a smaller store has an extremely efficient check out crew moving people quickly and has very little wait at checkout. Items AR neatly organized on the shelves and the store is very clean. The deli section has excellent sandwiches and hot food. The bakery is definitely First Rate. The only issue is that during peak hours parking can be a little difficult. Overall an excellent Publix.

Josh Friedman

Josh Friedman


3 weeks ago

One of the best experiences every. I call my local Publix and the baker there, Jason is unable to make my timeline and he felt so bad he took the time to guide me to the amazing ladies here. This cake was amazing on less than a days notice, yeah less than a day. I called late in the day and it was ready in the morning. Y’all are amazing. Thank you for making me feel like the hero!!!

Emmanuel DeOssa

Emmanuel DeOssa


a month ago

Kind of an odd but centrally located store, convenient for the locals that can buy fresh goods at their favorite grocery store at almost walking distance. The associates greet you with friendly smiles and cute little bow ties that really brightens’ my day. Most definitely recommend that you go and see for yourselves!