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Seafood Near Me Orlando – With an abundance of fresh caught fish and seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, there are a number of Orlando seafood restaurants that have been in business for decades. As well as being a popular tourist destination from all over the world, Orlando is a very popular winter destination for snowbirds and retirees due to its mild weather. The city is home to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld, and Wet ‘n Wild waterpark.

Dick’s Last Resort: Dick’s Last Resort is a chain restaurant and each location has varied menus but they all feature seafood dishes like fish tacos, lobster rolls and shrimp po’ boys.


LA. Boiling Seafood Crab & Crawfish

Address: 1242 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, USA

Main Phone: (407) 826-1681

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Latitude: 28.5529097

Longitude: -81.3629109

Did you know that LA. Boiling Seafood Crab & Crawfish rates 4.5/5 based on 823 total ratings?

Reviews for LA. Boiling Seafood Crab & Crawfish
Paul LambertPaul Lambert



a year ago

Awesome. A hole in the wall. Mostly Asians and a few black people were there. I meant to say, that we really liked this place. Now, that we are home, we talk about how much we enjoyed this restaurant. We are making plans to go back to Disney World in a couple of months, and we are going back to LA Boiling Seafood Crab and Crawfish. This is one of our favorite restaurants.

Tasha Mac BTWTasha Mac BTW



a year ago

Listen this place is amazing. The staff is very friendly and polite, they make sure you are satisfied. I went in with my best friend as our first time. I was not expecting much of anything but I was blown away. I ordered snow crabs but everyone who ordered before me and after me kept ordering “the rice”. After I had placed my crab order I went back to place another order of “the rice” and it was worth the hype. Simple jasmine rice 🍚 that you add the seafood sauce onto and it makes it excellent. I consider myself a seafood connoisseur so please trust my judgement and give this place a try ! I love this place. I went yesterday and I’ll probably go again today. My new go to seafood spot when I’m home!

Rudina LachmanRudina Lachman



a year ago

Eat here every other weekend. The food is great. Service is wonderful and always polite. Ensure you don’t get spicy unless you can really handle it. It’s not your typical black pepper. Really wish they had a thicker sauce with onions, green peppers, red peppers & ginger. Snow crabs & stone crab good for frozen. They do serve fresh when in season though! Please add lobster tails to the menu! Thank you for always being open and even during Covid-19.

Photo Courtesy of: Chris Tina Bruce

King Cajun Crawfish

Address: 924 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, USA

Main Phone: (407) 704-8863

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Latitude: 28.5574973

Longitude: -81.3647263

Did you know that King Cajun Crawfish rates 4.5/5 based on 1679 total ratings?

Reviews for King Cajun Crawfish
Kristine LavelleKristine Lavelle



a month ago

Good food and great service! Our waitress was the kindest server I’ve met in a while. She made our dining experience. Crab was rich and delicious. Fun locally owned joint to experience. Thanks for the memory! ✨

Madison JamesonMadison Jameson



a month ago

This place is solid! The clams are the best. Shrimp was good but slightly overcooked. We paired them with garlic noodles we made at home and it was delicious. The hush puppies were small but plentiful and tasty – wish it came with Tartar sauce! The wings were good but nothing memorable. Overall, this place is worth trying!

Vince StewartVince Stewart



5 months ago

We have enjoyed are dinner here. We’re from Georgia and our waiter Emily was very good very attentive and making sure to check we need something else and very informative on the menus. she deserves to have good tip. And the food is definitely 5+

Photo Courtesy of: Gang Jin

Eat N Wash

Address: 1723 Rio Grande Ave, Orlando, FL 32805, USA

Main Phone: (407) 413-5028

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Latitude: 28.5229727

Longitude: -81.4009599

Did you know that Eat N Wash rates 4.3/5 based on 231 total ratings?

Reviews for Eat N Wash
Spikey LenordSpikey Lenord



4 months ago

The crab legs and Cajun butter here is the best in the city and at an amazing price! Edit: I had an issue here and I called the manager. He not only replaced my ENTIRE order with the best food i have had from here bar none! And he came out, introduced himself, apologized and gave us cake (stupidly amazing cake btw) for compensation! They know how to do buissness right!!

Chrysteon Daniels-TaylorChrysteon Daniels-Taylor



2 months ago

Hand down best seafood Establishment in Orlando Great Customer service Made me feel at home the food was beyond outstanding I’m definitely coming back dont miss out

Rieshia RiveraRieshia Rivera



8 months ago

Best place i ate at since i been in Orlando. Food was amazing. Will definitely be coming back when i vist Orlando again.


Allyha Cuisine LLC

Address: 2201 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32805, USA

Main Phone: (407) 797-1261

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Latitude: 28.5189534

Longitude: -81.3967514

Did you know that Allyha Cuisine LLC rates 5/5 based on 2 total ratings?

Reviews for Allyha Cuisine LLC
Kervensky DemmatKervensky Demmat



3 years ago

Really good place they’re always fast and friendly and struggle to give a good service ever .

Hans AvrilHans Avril



3 years ago

They are very friendly and professional

Photo Courtesy of: Pokeworks


Address: 20 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

Main Phone: (407) 930-0783

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Latitude: 28.5427513

Longitude: -81.3792343

Did you know that Pokeworks rates 4.4/5 based on 54 total ratings?

Reviews for Pokeworks
Lucianne A.Lucianne A.



a month ago

I usually have poke from them on a weekly basis and they never fail to impress me. However I must say that today my food was extra good! The two girls recommended a sauce combination I hadn’t had before. I normally stick to my usual spicy mayo and classic sauce. But this time they mixed a brown sugar, ginger sauce with another serrano sauce and it was just perfect! The tuna as always was juicy and fresh and all the vegetables really complimented the bowl perfectly. I also tried one of their teas for the first time today, mango white. I was hesitant at first since I’m not a tea person but they assured me it was good and they were not wrong! Definitely will be having that sauce combo and drink next week when I come in!

Athila CabreraAthila Cabrera



3 weeks ago

When things go right, this place is glorious. The way they season their fish and the toppings/sauces really stand out among poke bowl places. But I’m tired of getting burned by ordering rice bowls with chewy, undercooked rice, multiple times now. I won’t make the mistake of ordering to go again and finding out by the time I get home. I’ll only dine in from now on, and I’ll add a star for every visit where the rice is cooked right, but I’ll also remove one if it’s undercooked. Let’s see if we can reach five stars and keep it at five. UPDATE 9/21/21 Added 1 star. Rice was cooked properly during this visit. UPDATE 10/1/21 Added 1 star. Rice was cooked properly during this visit. UPDATE 10/5/21 Added 1 star. Rice was cooked properly during this visit. UPDATE 10/19/21 Multiple visits since last update, all of them great! Keep it going! 5 Stars.

Kourtney DuttonKourtney Dutton



3 months ago

Friendly service, fast, and efficient. It was our first visit and our first time trying Poke Bowls. The staff made great recommendations in regards to which sauce to pick. Food was all fresh and delicious. Would definitely stop by again.