Weston, FL Restaurants

Restaurants in Weston, FL

In Weston, FL there are restaurants of all kinds. In Weston, FL you’ll find Cuban, seafood, Italian, Japanese, and of course Latin American food. Barbecue places are here and there. You’ll also find some delightful cafes, sandwich shops, and eateries of different kinds. Pub, bars and places to get a quick drink are in Weston, FL as well.

Bocas House Weston
Bocas House Weston 4.0 star rating 166 reviews
Masan Asian Grill
Masan Asian Grill 4.5 star rating 225 reviews
Ke-uH 4.5 star rating 87 reviews

Weston Florida Restaurants

NameStreet AddressCityWebsitePrice RangeParkingAttireServes AlcoholOutdoor SeatingWifiCategory
Acquolina Ristorante2320 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.italianrestaurantweston.com/weston.html$31-60Private LotCasualFull BarYesNoItalian, Italian
Angelo Elia Pizza Bar Tapas1370 Weston RdWestonhttp://angeloeliapizza.com$11-30StreetCasualFull BarYesFreeWine Bars, Pizza, Italian, Wine Bars, Pizza, Italian
Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza4527 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.anthonyscoalfiredpizza.com/$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreePizza, Pizza
Bellini Italian Bistro2780 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.belliniweston.com$11-30Private LotCasualFull BarNoFreeItalian, Pizza, Italian, Pizza
Bonefish Grill4545 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.bonefishgrill.com$11-30CasualFull BarNoNoSeafood, Seafood
BurgerFi2810 Weston RdWestonhttps://burgerfi.com/menu$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeBurgers, Hot Dogs, American (Traditional), Burgers, Hot Dogs, American (Traditional)
Duffy’s Sports Grill of Weston1800 Bell Tower LnWestonhttps://www.duffysmvp.com$11-30CasualFull BarNoFreeSports Bars, Burgers, American (Traditional), Sports Bars, Burgers, American (Traditional)
Flanigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill2460 Weston RdWestonhttp://flanigans.net/$11-30Private LotCasualFull BarYesFreeAmerican (Traditional), Seafood, Sports Bars, American (Traditional), Seafood, Sports Bars
Giardino Gourmet Salads1390 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.giardinosalads.com$11-30CasualNoYesFreeSalad, Salad
I Love Tacos2203 N Commerce PkwyWestonhttp://www.ilovetacosrestaurant.com$11-30Private LotCasualFull BarNoNoMexican, Mexican
La Granja Weston1908 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/Under $10Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoLatin American, Latin American
La Pequena Colombia Bakery & Restaurant1300 SW 160th AveWestonhttp://www.lapequenacolombia.com/$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeColombian, Colombian
La Perla1396 SW 160th Ave Ste 6Westonhttp://laperlarestaurants.com/$11-30Private LotCasualFull BarYesFreePeruvian, Peruvian
La PrepWeston Town Ctr 1715 Main St, Unit 1715Westonhttp://www.laprep.com/ca/ca-en/33326.htmlYesSandwiches, Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches, Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch
La Rural2350 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.laruralweston.com/$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeArgentine, Steakhouses, Meat Shops, Argentine, Steakhouses, Meat Shops
Lucille’s American Cafe2250 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.lucillescafe.com$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeAmerican (Traditional), American (Traditional)
Mallardi’s Tuscan Grill2282 Weston RdWestonhttp://mallardistuscangrill.com$31-60Private LotCasualFull BarYesFreeSeafood, Steakhouses, Italian, Seafood, Steakhouses, Italian
Masan Asian Grill1924 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.masanasiangrill.comUnder $10Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoAsian Fusion, Chinese, Asian Fusion, Chinese
Miyoko Sushi1952 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.miyokosushiweston.com/$11-30CasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoJapanese, Sushi Bars, Japanese, Sushi Bars
Mochika Peru Bistro2219 N Commerce PkwyWestonhttp://www.mochikaperubistro.com/home$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePeruvian, Peruvian
Moon Thai & Japanese2818 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.moonthai.com/locations/weston-location.html$11-30Private LotCasualFull BarYesFreeJapanese, Thai, Japanese, Thai
My Organic Corner127 Weston RdWestonhttp://myorganiccorner.com$11-30StreetCasualNoNoFreeVegetarian, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Salad, Vegetarian, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Salad
Offerdahl’s Cafe Grill2274 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.offerdahls.comUnder $10Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeSandwiches, Salad, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches, Salad, Breakfast & Brunch
Panna Weston Road2620 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.mypanna.com/Under $10Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreeLatin American, Fast Food, Burgers, Latin American, Fast Food, Burgers
Parc 281382 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.parc28weston.com/$11-30Private LotCasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoChinese, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian
Pei Wei4517 Weston Rd.Westonhttp://www.peiwei.comUnder $10CasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoNoChinese, Gluten-Free, Asian Fusion, Chinese, Gluten-Free, Asian Fusion
POC American Fusion Buffet & Sushi1651 Bonaventure BlvdWestonhttp://www.pocwestonbuffet.com$11-30StreetCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeJapanese, Buffets, Sushi Bars, Japanese, Buffets, Sushi Bars
Power Pizzeria2246 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.powerpizzeria.com/Under $10CasualNoYesFreePizza, Pizza
Primetime Restaurant & Bar1744 Main StWestonhttp://www.primetimeweston.com$11-30CasualFull BarYesFreeAmerican (New), Bars, American (New), Bars
Raw Juce Weston1360 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.rawjuce.com$11-30CasualNoYesFreeJuice Bars & Smoothies, Vegan, Breakfast & Brunch, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Vegan, Breakfast & Brunch
RiceUp Asian Kitchen16642 Saddle Club RdWestonhttp://www.riceupasiankitchen.com$11-30CasualNoNoFreeJapanese, Asian Fusion, Chinese, Japanese, Asian Fusion, Chinese
Sabor Latino2406 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.saborlatinoweston.com$11-30StreetCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeLatin American, Peruvian, Latin American, Peruvian
Substantial Salads & Subs1150 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.substantial.miamiUnder $10Private LotCasualNoYesNoDelis, Sandwiches, Delis, Sandwiches
Sushiato4483 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.sushiato.co$11-30CasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreeJapanese, Latin American, Sushi Bars, Japanese, Latin American, Sushi Bars
Tarantella Trattoria Pizzeria1755 Bell Tower LnWestonhttp://www.tarantellas.net$11-30CasualFull BarYesFreeItalian, Pizza, Italian, Pizza
The Cheese Course1679 Market StWestonhttp://www.thecheesecourse.com/$11-30StreetCasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesNoSandwiches, Salad, Sandwiches, Salad
Tijuana Flats1110 Weston Rd.Westonhttp://tijuanaflats.com/Under $10CasualBeer & Wine OnlyYesFreeMexican, Tex-Mex, Mexican, Tex-Mex
Zona Blu189 Weston RdWestonhttp://www.zonabluweston.com$11-30CasualBeer & Wine OnlyNoFreePizza, Italian, Seafood, Pizza, Italian, Seafood
Restaurants in Weston Florida